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Does Evil Dead The Game Have Crossplay?

Paul McNally

Evil Dead The Game is a huge amount of fun generally but it goes to the next level if you are playing with friends. There is something magical about all having the living daylights scared out of you at the same time.

These days, as important as crossplay and cross-platform gaming is to the players, it seems many developers never quite manage to get it in place in time or not get it to work properly so how does Evil Dead The Game fair? Let’s find out if we can play with our favorite people.

Does this group look like one that will survive the next 30 minutes to you?

Does Evil Dead The Game Have Crossplay?

The huge news is that it does. It matters not what system your friends are playing on, you will be able to go get some with your nearest and dearest as Evil Dead The Game is completely crossplay compatible right now.

This means during matchmaking you can be paired up with any player on any system and you will be able to see what they are playing the game on by virtual of the little icon under their name (they should all be obvious, and by process of elimination you can work out that the thing that looks vaguely like a mouse is a PC player).

Here you can see a complete mix of players on all formats about to start a game.

How to Play Evil Dead The Game With Your Friends

From the Social tab in the main menu you will find options to add friends.

To add people you actually know into the mix you simply need to go into the Social tab and add in their Epic Games, PlayStation or Xbox Gamertag and you should be able to link with them from there.

If you have just had a match with strangers you enjoyed, but checking your Recents tab in Social you will be able to see who have just played with and maybe send them an invite to let them know you would like to play with them again..

Can you turn off Crossplay in Evil Dead The Game?

We know there is sometimes a little PC vs console snobbery that goes on out there.Sometimes PC users may just not want to play with the controller factions, preferring mouse and keyboard elite as opponents - or even vice versa. If you think mouse and keyboard is providing an unfair advantage you may just want to stick with people who are only playing on controller.

If either of the above scenarios are you, you will be pleased to know you can just deactivate and turn off crossplay in Evil Dead The Game by going to the options and switching it off. It’s probably something you will never feel the need to do, but it’s there should you find a use for it.


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