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After you regain control, head northwest and into the Adventuring School, a way of learning random battle information you’ll learn here anyways. But you can’t get three items from this guide, can you? So, yes, go inside.

In the easternmost room, you’ll be able to find an Ether ; in the center room, a Sleeping Bag ; in the westernmost room, a Potion . You’ll also be able to fight a monster by opening one of the other chests in the easternmost room.

Before leaving, consider speaking with everyone here for some valuable knowledge (because knowledge is power!). Also, when entering, you’ll notice some guy standing near a bucket. Examine the bucket to refill your HP and MP and remove all status effects.

This building houses useful information for beginners and a few items to boot.

Afterwards, exit the building and leave town by heading south.

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Join the fight against Kefka, a maniacal, crazy, clown lookalike (who is scarier than that sounds), as he attempts to bring the world to ruin. You take control of a multitude of very colorful characters (including a little girl with a paintbrush!) all of whom are joined together by fate, united by their mutual hatred of Kefka and the Empire. Final Fantasy VI is a vibrant, hilarious world and one of the most loved games of the series due to its excellent writing and complex battle system.

Our guide offers full assistance in your journey through the world including:

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