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Anyhow, we need to find the Cave on the Veldt. I think it might be on the Veldt of the northeastern continent!

Cave on the Veldt

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Death Warden 8000 8000 13 140 0 0
Gorgimera 7191 354 40 150 1889 4928
Twinscythe 2500 187 21 125 726 1753

Once you enter, you’ll see Interceptor (or so they say; all the dogs look alike in this game). If it IS Interceptor, Shadow may be here! (Or Relm.) Follow him through the northern exit and exit to the east.

In the next area, go east to find a bunch of primitive-esque people speaking of what is probably Gau. Go northwest and pick up the Berserker Ring , then go through the door. Go down the stairs on the other side, then go west via the cavern tunnel. Head to the far west side of it, east twice, south and west to find a chest with a Death Warden inside. Defeat it (Break, Banish…) to get a free Tigerfang for Sabin.

After the fight, go back a bit in the tunnel, then along the southern branch and along the linear path for a while. Eventually, you’ll find a room with a chest and a switch. Open the chest for the Ichigeki . IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SHADOW – KEEP THAT ICHIGEKI LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

The Death Warden uses a lot of Death-based attacks so wear Death-proof or be prepared. Pick up the Ichigeki and do not let it out of your sight.

Flip the switch to open up a new path. Use it and follow it north to eventually reach a Save Point. Go back to the door and continue to find Shadow injured on the ground. The likely reason as to WHY he’s injured attacks you.

Behemoth Kings

Your first Behemoth King can use a basic attack, Blizzara, Blizzaga , Imp, Meteor , Holy, and Devil Claw (damage and remove Reflect). The second one sticks to a basic attack, Death , Hypno Gas (Sleep), and Meteor.

There is not a lot to say about the first fight. Put in Kirin, Ifrit, and Fenrir for damage and defense, then have someone on Cura/Curaga duty while everyone else uses Fira/Firaga/etc. on the monster. For the second Behemoth King, a simple Phoenix Down settles it.

Use Phantom Rush and your strongest attacks to defeat the first Behemoth. The second can be defeated by a mere Phoenix Down.

After the scene, you’ll be in Thamasa. After the scene there, leave and go to the Coliseum to the southeast. At the Coliseum, speak with the man in front of the door and bet the Ichigeki for your fight to battle Shadow. After the easy fight, Shadow will join your party.

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