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Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Angel Whisper 230 90 12 85 125 42
Apparition 1500 10000 15 120 0 0
Bomb 160 50 10 90 80 35
Cloud 120 100 5 110 101 35
Ghost 226 70 1 105 75 48
Living Dead 200 84 10 100 135 54
Oversoul 390 190 12 55 228 65
Siegfried 100 5 1 50 1 0

As you approach the train, Sabin will think about seeing if there are survivors in this wreck of a train, while Cyan freaks out. For he has played FF: Dawn of Souls – he knows of the Phantom Train, the train that takes the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Business must be good – look at all of those Ghosts of monsters we once killed that (usually) want to kill us! But we ignore him and get on board.

Note that, if you KO’ed Shadow to keep him whilst fighting battles, you can now revive him, for you can’t really leave when on a moving train. What? This thing will be moving!? Guess I forgot to mention that.

Some Ghosts can be recruited to your party. Their Possess skill has a 50% chance of killing a monster outright. They will then disappear from your party.

Anyways, once on the train, head inside by going west. The door closes and the train begins to move. Examine the doorway you came through and Cyan will comment on his knowledge of the Phantom Train and how it carries souls to the afterlife, as mentioned before.

So, anyway, go east to head outside. Continue to the next car and go inside. There, you’ll find one of the Ghosts that want to join your party. Ghosts will join as ?????? at a level around your own. It has no equipment in basic reasoning (except a single Relic, the Lich Ring) and can’t really do damage. However, its ability, Possess , will instantly kill a target almost (but not quite) half of the time it is used, even if the enemy is immune to such. You cannot heal this thing in battle (it’s Undead, due to the Relic), revive it in battle (the Phoenix Down misses), and, once “dead”, it will leave the party. However, you can recruit more.

Anyways, go through the door nearby and mess with the switch to put some fear in Cyan (as if we WEREN’T on a train to the underworld). Examine the book nearby for some dialogue and ask the conductor some questions if you feel like it. Finally, examine the northwest corner of the car to find a Tent on the floor. Use the Save Point in the area and leave.

Pull the lever inside to uncouple the cart then pull it again to go through. To fully heal yourself, use the center dining table.

Go west to the car where you started to find some more ghosts. One is selling some items (the shop listed above); another is a recruit; the rest will fight you.

Continue west to the next car, which is just like the previous one. Continue west to the next car and head inside. A ghost will then block the door soon after you enter! Kill him (again) and, once outside, you’ll find a few more ghosts. I’d opt to take them, then more, and more, and more appear. … Anyone have a Megalixir? No?

Well, I guess it’s time to get on the roof of the car and jump across a few cars, despite it probably being physically impossible. But this is a Fantasy so…

Once you land, you find the ghosts stubbornly chasing you. We opt to detach the cars. So go into the train car nearby and flip the switch to get rid of these fools. Go outside to watch, then go back inside and flip the switch again to open the path into the main car.

Here, you can find the Oversoul, you know. Continue to the next car to find the dining car. Sit at the table in the middle to be fed some ghastly food (Pokemon reference completely intended) that will refill your HP and MP, much like an Inn, but free.

To get the Earrings, walk around the carriage and go through the other side. You can meet Siegfried in one of the compartments; he is rubbish.

Exit the car now and walk around to the left side. Go inside from here and open the chest for an Earring . Then go west to the next car and head inside. Go into the first compartment and open the chest to find Siegfried. Defeat this “epic” swordsman before you die of boredom and watch him take some kind of treasure from you.

Continue into the next compartment and examine the tile left of the bench to find a Tent . Funny note, though. If you have a walk-through-walls hacking code, you can find a Fairy Ring in the space nearby. Why do I mention that you need a code? Because you can’t face the damn space with the Fairy Ring.

Okay, continue westward to the next car to find another car similar to the previous one. Go into the second compartment (the first is empty) and open the chests for two Phoenix Downs, a Sniper Eye , and a battle against an Apparition. Continue to the next car. On the way, you’ll lose your ghostly allies. Awww… In the next car, save at the Save Point and continue to the engine room. Here, flip the westernmost and easternmost switches, then go outside the car. Go left and flip the switch near the smokestack, which will cause you to face the train itself. And while running in front of it, no less! Just … how?

Phantom Train

The Phantom Train can use a basic attack, Wheel (basically a double-power basic attack), Diabolic Whistle (random status), Saintly Beam (ironically deals Holy-based damage to your party), and Acid Rain (damage and inflicts Sap status).

The cheap way to win is to use a Phoenix Down until it hits. Otherwise, have Cyan focus on using his #3 Bushido skill to continually halve the Phantom Train’s HP. Let Sabin use Rising Phoenix or Aura Cannon for some extra damage, and Shadow … eh, let him do his own thing.

Pull the left and right levers to stop the train. During the battle, for the easiest fight ever, throw a Phoenix Down at it to kill it in one.

After defeating the Phantom Train and watching the scene, leave.

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