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One more to go-go. Heh, sorry. Anywho, to find Gogo, you’ll need to head to the small northeastern island near the corner of the map. Land there and walk around, looking for the Zone Eater.

In battle, rather than kill it, let it use Inhale on your whole party. Then you’ll be inside a monster.

Zone Eaters Belly

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Amduscias 4452 270 13 105 526 1727
Baalzephon 3609 300 17 105 826 1385
Covert 4530 240 25 100 1768 1757
Kamui 4211 219 19 100 869 1583
Purusa 3300 188 13 115 773 1396
Shambling Corpse 3850 185 13 105 826 1399
Wartpuck 3559 330 15 120 1169 1595

Well, this thing must eat well. No Tapeworms, no Roundworms, or any other fictitious enemies (for this FF, anyhow).

Equip some Relics that prevent Zombification. Upon entering, go north and into the light if you want to go outside. Otherwise, go south to the next area and from there, go west.

You’ll reach some platforms. You’ll have to face the desired direction and press the action button to move. Bumping into the guys on these platforms smacks you back to the lower level. You’ll want to get smacked once, though, to reach the Hi-Ether and the Red Jacket on the other side of the blocked-off cave below. Now, go east and onto the switch go back up.

Be careful when trying to get the chests as the men on the walkways will knock you off.

On the platforms, go west and slip past the strange green men. cough Luigi cough Be sure to grab the chests for the Genji Armor and the Magical Brush . Further west, go past two more guys to find a chest; open this one for the Fake Mustache . Sounds like an item from the Mario RPG games. (Yeah, I’ve got a theme going here)

Once on the main path, go east and take the stairs to head south. In the next room, USE THE SAVE POINT. If you screw up (i.e. off by one step), you’ll probably have a Game Over. Also, I suggest turning the Auto-Dash to “On” (or you’ll end up holding the Sprint Button) and equipping the Sprint Shoes. Continue to the next room.

Wait until the rock falls and head to the chest nearby quickly and open it up for the Zephyr Cloak . Let the rock rise, then rush to the next chest; open this up for a Hero’s Ring . Let the rock rise and go five steps west and two steps south. Wait again for the rock and head west and south – IGNORE THE CHEST. At the door, backtrack to the chest and open it to find the Pinwheel , then quickly get out of the way. Head south, past the small room to reach a larger room.

There are rewards for getting knocked off so it’s not all bad. Gogo is an unusual character but is a great addition to your team.

In this larger room, go south and across the chest to another platform. Head north and circle around, then jump onto the switch platform. Stomp on this switch to open up some new paths.

Get back on the main path, then go to the far west and open the chest on the way for a Thunder Shield . Return to the central platform and head north, this time continuing on the main path and going through the door. And finally, we meet up with Gogo – and no, not necessarily the Famed Mimic Gogo with the glitched fight from Final Fantasy V. Though, given their similarities… Anyhow, he’ll join your party. Epicness.

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