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Under Surveillance

Shane Williams

This page is a walkthrough for the Grand Theft Auto III Story Mission, Under Surveillance. . It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to taking ouut the FBI Operations.

Speak with Asuka to begin this mission.

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Sayonara Salvatore Paparazzi Purge


You’ll acquire $15,000 for completing this misison.

Take out the FBI Operation

Once you’ve taken out Salvatore in the mission Sayonara Salvatore, return to Asuka Kasen and you’ll meet Kenji. Here you’ll find out that the FBI has three surveillance outposts throughout Staunton Island and Asuka wants you to deal with them. You’ll now need to head over to Belleville Park lake, Bedford Point and Torrington within six minutes 30 seconds.

Belleville Park lake Agents

(1 of 2) Head to the Belleville Park Lake

Head to the Belleville Park Lake (left), and take out the agents with a sniper. (right)

Head over to the Belleville Park lake and park up on the road opposite, then equip your Sniper Rifle and take out the two marked FBI agents. However you may want to take out the agent behind first, as it’ll give you time to take out the second before he becomes alerted.

Bedford Point Agents

(1 of 2) Head to Bedford Point to find a van

Head to Bedford Point to find a van (left), then take out the agent in the driving seat before taking out the one at the back. (right)

Make your way over to Bedford Point and you’ll find two more agents sitting inside of the van. Park up opposite and shoot the guy in the driving seat, then switch over to the Uzi or Pistol and finish off the guy getting out of the back.

Torrington Agents

(1 of 2) Climb to the roof of Kenji's Casino

Climb to the roof of Kenji's Casino (left), and take out the agents with a sniper, but start from the bottom and work your way up. (right)

Head to Kenji’s Casino in Torrington and you’ll find six agents on the balconys opposite. Climb up to the rooftop of the casino and then bring out your sniper and take the agents by starting from the bottom and working your way up.


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