Mission: Bait

Reward: $35,000

Once the mission starts, you are to find the three death squads across Shoreside and bring them to the ambush in Pike Creek.

Your squads are found in Cochrane Dam, Pike Creek, and Cedar Grove. When you drive near them, a red dot will quickly appear on the radar, signalling its location … and that it is following you. You will need to bring it to the Yakuza ambush in Pike Creek, marked by the yellow dot.

You are not allowed to get too far ahead, or you fail. If you kill the squad before arriving at the ambush, you fail. (Hence, no Rhinos.)

Once you bring a squad to the ambush, you’re free to use the ramp nearby for a quick escape and let the Yakuza take them down. However, if you’re using the bullet-proof Patriot, drive-by any that come near you (or even run them over) and pick up any remaining weapons. Finish off the three death squads to win. Seems ironic that THEY died.

Mission: Espresso-2-Go

Reward: $40,000

The reason for the recommendations is primarily that the guys at these stands are armed. Not heavily, though the St. Mark’s Mafia will do a number on you.

Also note that using the Rhino also requires you fire the cannon while it faces backwards for a speed boost. You can also use Rockets or Grenades on the stands, but it may waste time with the aiming and whatnot.

We’ll start with Staunton.

  • There is one in the park in Belleville.

  • There is one in front of the building south of the multi-story car park in Newport.

  • There is one near Liberty Cathedral in Bedford Point.

  • There is one across the street from the 20thC. Building in Bedford Point.

  • There is one near the crystal structure in Torrington.
    Now to Portland.

  • Go to Portland Harbor and destroy the one across from the docks.

  • Go to St. Mark’s and in front of the small park.

Now, go into the Chinatown subways (if not using a Rhino) to travel to Shoreside. If you have the Rhino, use the tunnels in Harwood. Be sure not to arrive at Wichita, though.

I’ll assume you’re in the vicinity of Francis International.

  • One is right next to the subway entrance of Francis International.
  • One is in front of the Pike Creek hospital.
    Finish all nine stands to complete this mission.

Mission: S.A.M.

Note that you really don’t do use any of the above except the provided Rocket Launcher for the standard method. These just seem to be easier. I won’t provide this “standard” strategy, for the others are easier.

Once you start, you’ll need to reach a marker buoy near Francis International in three minutes, thirty seconds and blast a plane from the sky… Or so the game says. We don’t need to be at the marker buoy; just blast that Dodo down.

Rhino Strategy:

My favorite. You’ll still need to reach the Airport in a decent amount of time, and really can only take the Lift Bridge to get there. So you’ll have to turn the cannon so it faces behind you and fire for a speed boost. Speed on over to the airport.

At the northern end of the southbound runway, there are some groups of Colombians and their Cruisers. Simply run into the cars to finish them. Then get about halfway down this runway.

Exit the Rhino and aim to the sky, down the runway, where the Dodo will be coming from. Try to hit the thing as it is at least over the runway or on it with the Rocket Launcher; personally, I don’t like having to use boats for this thing. Do what you want, though.

After it explodes (and your Wanted level explodes to four), collect the eight packages and return to your Rhino. Then simply go back to the construction site the way you came.

Fast Car/Bullet-Proof Patriot Strategy:

For this, you’ll want to drive to Francis International as usual. But, at the airport, you’ll want to note the Colombians near the north end of the south runway.

From a distance, use the Rocket Launcher on their cars to finish at least most of them off. Use the Sniper Rifle to try and find any survivors and kill them. Note that you can also simply try to run over the six Cartel members and/or shoot them, a safe idea for the bullet-proof Patriot.

Then, like before, wait for the Dodo to get on or over the runway before exploding it with the Rocket Launcher. You’ll then get a four-star Wanted level. Grab the eight packages and you can do one of two things to return to the construction site.

You can either take the bridge and backtrack, but risk running into cops, or take the boat at the end of the runway, head east to Staunton, and drive back from there. Once you return, you’ll automatically receive another “mission”.

Mission: Ransom

Reward: Open up the final story mission.

Once you arrive back here, you’ll find Asuka and Miguel dead, Maria missing, and a note from the culprit… Catalina.

She’s obviously taken Maria in an attempt to kill you and gain $500,000 at the same time. We’re going to take advantage of this and turn it around. You will need to raise $500,000 to do the next mission, which shouldn’t be all THAT hard (as you should already have at least most of it).


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