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Mission: Grand Theft Aero

Rewards: $50,000 and Jobs from Asuka Kasen

Once you start the mission, drive over to Francis International Airport and, at the designated hangar, you’ll notice that the Columbian Cartel have already found Donald’s plane. Crap. From a distance, hit them with the Sniper Rifle or kill them with the M-16 if they get too close.

Afterwards, get into the Dodo and you’ll note how the package is gone. Leave the hangar and you’ll note the vans outside, which have the Pan-Lantic logo on them. Intriguing… Perhaps they took it to the Pan-Lantic Construction Site in Fort Staunton?

Get there however you wish. You can risk flying the Dodo if you want, though it isn’t like there’s a time limit or anything.

At the construction site, you’ll notice it to be somewhat teeming with the Colombians. Get on the southern hill outside of the walls and use the Rocket Launcher to get rid of the guards from there; resort to the Sniper Rifle if you run out of ammo. There are ten guards; note this.

Eventually, you’ll have to go into the walled area. From the north side, do so and keep the M-16 out in case you missed one. Also consider picking up dropped guns on the way. Eventually, you’ll reach a yellow lift.

Take it and you’ll ride up to the top, surprising Catalina and her partner, Miguel. You pull out a gun and end up receiving Donald’s package. Catalina blasts Miguel and uses this diversion to flee. Asuka then arrives, angered over the death of Kenji and how “the Cartel” did it.

Let’s leave Asuka and Miguel alone for a while, right? :)

So return to Donald’s place to finish the mission.

Mission: Escort Service

Reward: $40,000

This mission, in and of itself, has a simple concept. Protect the designated Securicar.

But how? After all, you’re protecting a slow-moving vehicle all of the way to Pike Creek, with some heavily armed Colombians on the way.

Well, while writing down the notes for this mission, I accidentally got pushed too close to the Securicar and ended up starting the Securicar’s trail. I did not really take note of this for a while; having thought I was still stopped, I went to get a drink.

Then, upon returning, the Securicar was gone. It didn’t have all that much damage done to it, and, after following the trail for a bit, I found it near the tunnel exit at Francis International.

Again, with not a significant amount damage. Beyond that, I simply got it to somehow move by getting close to it and it was smooth sailing beyond that, pretty much. There were a few gunmen on the way, but I drive-byed them.

So, in short, bring some Uzi ammo and wait outside Love Media after the Securicar goes. Then wait for the game to tell you to look at the end of the tunnel and do so. Then go along the road past there to Pike Creek and your destination, shooting at any fool that dares shoot at you.

Mission: Decoy

Reward: $35,000

Trust me, you’re going to just LOVE this mission. And that pun was unintended.

Okay, drive your way into Pike Creek, near the AMCO place where you took the Securicar earlier. Head over to the Securicar in the garage and enter the car.

BOOM! Six-star Wanted level. You are seriously going to be risking Rhinos and the military here one way or another, so get ready to floor it. Leave this place and take a right back towards the airport.

When nearby, enter the tunnels nearby. You can wait out the timer by running around down here. The cops can’t really get to you too easily, for it is too crowded down here. So basically avoid traffic to maintain your speed and car

health and just wait out the timer.

Mission: Loves Disappearance

Reward: Nothing!

Just a cut-scene really, but also a necessary mission. If you want the 100% Completion, you’ll need to do this, despite it being just a cut-scene.

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