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Joey Leone Missions

Shane Williams

Mission: Mike Lips Last Lunch

For information on The Definitive Edition, visit Mike Lips Last Lunch

Rewards: $10,000

After starting the mission, drive northward to St. Mark’s Bistro, marked by the pink dot. There, you’ll find a car with an arrow over it. Steal it.

Now, when you are driving this car, DO NOT DAMAGE IT . We need this car to remain intact so as not to make Mike suspicious. Drive carefully northward and into 8-Ball’s Bomb Shop in Harwood, next to the car lot. Drive into the garage to get the car bomb.

Now, given that car bombs are activated with the Circle button, you do not want to press Circle whatsoever, or you’ll fail the mission. Drive back to the St. Mark’s Bistro and park in the same spot as before. Line up as best as possible, then press Circle and run. Eventually, you’ll watch Mike go up in flames.

Mmmm… Barbeque.

Overall, be sure to hurry but not damage the car. You only get six minutes.

Farewell, Chunky Lee Chong

For information on The Definitive Edition, visit Farewell, Chunky Lee Chong

Rewards: $10,000


Note: I recommend getting a decently fast vehicle, maybe one that also can hit hard. Preferences include Police Cars, Coaches, Firetrucks, and Banshees. Also try to get some Shotgun ammo.

Anyways, when you start, head northwest into Chinatown. You know that raised gate southwest of the China Noodles restaurant? Circle around to the south and you’ll find more similar gates. Opt for the large one past the alley. Go into

the plaza on-foot and approach Chong.

Gun him down to the best of your ability; you’ll win upon killing him. If you fail, quickly get back into your car and chase him down. Ram him hard enough and he’ll bail. Then squish ’im.

Gun him down to the best of your ability; you'll win upon killing him. If you fail, quickly get back into your car and chase him down. Ram him hard enough and he'll bail. Then squish 'im.


For this, you don’t really need any prep work; just enough money for two car bombs. (I think that’s $2,000.) Anyways, head to Chinatown and to the south side of the plaza where you should find Chong’s getaway vehicles. Steal each of them and give them car bombs, then come back here.

When you park each car, press Circle to arm the bombs for explosion. DO NOT GET BACK IN . Go into the plaza and meet up with Chong. He’ll flee to his car and go up in flames.

Mission: Van Heist

For information on The Definitive Edition, visit Van Heist

Rewards: $20,000, Jobs from El Burro

For this mission, you’ll need some of kind of vehicle with a decent level of speed and power – for example, a Taxi, a Cabbie, a Police Car, etc. Coaches and Firetrucks are okay; you’ll just need to be careful here, because we don’t want the target vehicle to flip. Then again, traffic will be easier to deal with with a Coach/Firetruck. Your choice, I guess.

Anyways, once you start, head straight for the red dot on the map – an armored Securicar. In other words, guns are ineffective here.

You’ll have to ram it to cause enough damage to the Securicar; enough for the guards to bail and flee. Be careful, though – as you continue to ram it, your Wanted level rises.

After the guards flee, somehow get rid of your Wanted level. I recommend that you steal the empty Secuircar and use a Pay ‘N’ Spray.

Once your done, drive the Securicar up into Portland Harbor and park it in the designated garage. Then exit the vehicle and garage to finish the mission.

Mission: Ciprianis Chauffuer

For information on The Definitive Edition, visit Cipriani’s Chauffeur

Rewards: $3,000 or $5,000, Jobs from Toni Cipriani, Uzi stocked at Ammu-Nation

With this mission, you’ll be provided a car. Do not let it get destroyed, as Toni is stubborn enough to not leave when his life is in danger.

Anyways, from Joey’s garage, head northwest into Chinatown and go to the laundromat marked by the blue marker (or pink dot, on the map).

Note that, if you stick around to kill the four ambushing Triads, you'll get a $2,000 bonus for this mission. Sweet.

Anyways, we now have to go to Toni’s mother’s restaurant, a.k.a. his home. Head northeast into St. Mark’s. After having left Chinatown, you’re more or less home free. So drive into that pink marker and collect $3,000, you taxi driver.

Mission: Dead Skunk in the Trunk

For information on The Definitive Edition, visit Dead Skunk in the Trunk

Rewards: $10,000

For this mission, I recommend grabbing a heavy, fast vehicle. Notably, the Firetruck or the Coach. Also get some Uzi ammo.

Afterwards, drive down to Callahan Point. You’ll notice two cars with their headlights on in the vicinity of the targeted Manana – one in the parking lot, and one in the tunnel nearby.

Back up a large distance – at least as far away as the El-Train stairwell in Chinatown – and drive back here at top speed. Aim for the car in the tunnel and, if you don’t flip it or push WAAAY back into the water, well… It won’t

matter, just another car to deal with.

Afterwards, the other car(s) will chase you around. Use your Uzi to drive-by it/them until it/they explode.

You’re not done yet. Remember the targeted gray Manana? Take it and drive it north into Harwood. In this area is a crusher; drive the car into the blue marker nearby, park, and exit to finish.

Mission: The Getaway

For information on The Definitive Edition, visit The Getaway

Rewards: $30,000

You’ll need to start this mission between 06:00 and 14:00 . Bring a fast four-seater car (Taxi or Police Car). I largely prefer the Taxi, as you can put it into a Pay ‘N’ Spray, unlike the Police Car.

Once you start, go north into St. Mark’s to pick up the group of robbers. Drive them south to the bank in Chinatown. Park in the marker, preferably facing north for the optimal amount of speed.

After a scene, you’ll have a three-star Wanted level. Go north and through the alley, then hang a left towards Luigi’s place. Go right and you’ll be able to reach the Pay ‘N’ Spray. Use it to get rid of the Wanted level.

Then simply drive back to the robbers’ hideout. This will be the last mission for Joey.


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