Cedar Grove (5)

69). In the backyard of a beige house, near the pool.

70). From the previous Package, go through the north-eastern hedge and onto that house’s back porch.

71). From the previous Package, go around the house to the front yard. Go through the fence to the three-way intersection. Go east and past the hedge of the gray house. Once past, jump onto the small wall and go north-east to an orchid house. Get on its front porch.

72). On the east side of the road within the Wichita Overpass.

73). In the pool behind the big mansion. It’s the mansion with the gate that only opens when driving a Cartel Cruiser.

Cochrane Dam (6)

74). Behind the western dome of the lake behind the dam.

75). Get an Ambulance and head to the Fudge Packing Corp. building. Back up to the fence, then use the Ambulance to jump over the fence to the Package.

76). Go to the dam entrance and go north inside, towards the base. You’ll notice two buildings to your right, apparently built into the dam. Ascend the stairs next to them; one of them has the Package.

77). From the previous Package, go to ground level and south to find the Power House for the dam. Ascend the stairs to the roof. Near the dam wall, you’ll find some pipes. Between some of them is the Package.

78). From the previous Package, jump off of the roof to the ground below. Go to corner where the dam and Power House meet.

Francis International Airport (9)

79). Behind the billboards along the road loop near the subway entrance.

80). At the bottom of the stairs near the subway platform.

81). At the fire station, where the Firetruck usually spawns.

82). From the previous Package, go west along the wall with the fence to the gate leading to the Central Dome area. Once inside, turn right and go to the west side of the Dome for your Package.

83). Underneath a plane south of the Plane Parking Area.

84). Underneath a plane’s wing at the west side of the Plane Parking Area.

85). Atop the helipad at the west end of the main runway.

86). On the lowermost ledge at the end of the main runway.

87). On a lower ledge at the north-western part of the southern runway.

Pike Creek (6)

88). Behind the hospital.

89). Behind the police station are some garages. The Package is on the roof of the northern group.

90). Go to the four-way intersection south-west of Liberty Pharmaceuticals. Go into the facility and north-east through the entrance. Go to the east side of the building to note a fenced off area. Go through the entrance to this area and near the red barrels to find the Hidden Package.

91). Go to the Turtle Head Fishing Company and use the stairs of the building to the east. On the top, jump onto the awning to find the Package.

92). Get between the wall and the garages each of the Turtle Head Fishing Company.

93). Get an Ambulance and to the three-way intersection near the hospital. Go south and follow the curve east and downhill. You should eventually see the entrance to the Burke Supply Company on your left. Go inside and turn left, then right at the corner. You’ll be between the building and a wall. Go forward to find a red container crate. Back the Ambulance up to it, then exit and jump onto the crate, using the Ambulance, to get the Package.

Shoreside Vale (2)

94). When on the Lift Bridge, get on the part that raises and lowers. There, get on the median and, when the bridge is raised to its highest point, go along the median to find the Package.

95). At the Staunton View picnic area, by the table closest to the water.

Wichita Garden (4)

96). As you leave the Lift Bridge in Francis International, hug the right side of the road to soon find a dirt path between billboards for Mean Street Taxis and “69th Street”. At the end of the dirt path is a twisted bridge (one of the Unique Jumps, by the way). Get underneath the bridge for the Package.

97). Go behind your hideout to the parking lot where the “Rumpo Rampage” Toyz Van usually is. Go behind those signs for the Package.

98). From the three-way intersection south-east of your hideout, go east to the next three-way intersection. Turn left, then left again at the next one. Go forward and south along the road curve. Look for a YFBC billboard on the right; stop at it and go to the entrance of the building across the street from the billboard to find your Package.

99). From the previous Package, go south to the bridge and turn to the right, going along the bridge (not under). At the end of the bridge, go right and under it to find some apartment buildings. Go to the wall, then left to find the Package in an alleyway between the buildings.


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