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Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive Edition

Police Vigilante

Shane Williams

This Page is a walkthrough on the Police Vigilante Side Mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding and taking down a criminal.

Steal a Police Car and press up on the D-PAD to begin a Vigilante Mission.

How to start a Police Vigilante

To begin this mission you’ll need any vehicle used by the Police, such as a Police Car, Enforcer, FBI Car, or Rhino. Upon finding your desired vehicle press up on the D-PAD to begin.

How to take down Criminals

You’ll need to find the targeted criminal which is marked on your map and then kill them. This may sound simple enough, but you’ll still have Police on your tail and some criminals may have powerful weaponry or a fast vehicle to escape. Here are some ways of taking down these criminals quickly and efficiently:

  1. If they are escaping keep ramming and shooting their vehicle until it explodes or shoot them as they attempt to flee the car.

  2. Drive by them and look in their direction, then hold L1 to shoot them down. However, this can only be done with an Uzi.

  3. If you’re using the Rhino, then just shoot or ram them.

(1 of 2) Head to the marked location on the map

Head to the marked location on the map (left), and take down the target. (right)

Like the Taxi Missions you’ll need to complete the mission within the time limit and then reach the next target before the timer reaches zero as the mission will end and you’ll need to restart. For every streak of five targets eliminated in a mission will bag you some bonus cash and for every 10 will give you a Police Bribe at your Safehouse.

However, you can only get a maximum of two Police Bribes Per Island, so you’ll need to take out twenty criminals in Portland, Stuaton and Shoreside to acquire all six Police Bribes.

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