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My Time at Sandrock

How to Build a Dew Collector

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to build a Dew Collector in My Time at Sandrock.

The Dew Collector, once built and placed down, will gradually collect Dew over time and then it can then be used to make water barrels for refilling your water tank.

How to Unlock the Dew Collector Blueprint

Before you can make the Dew Collector, you’ll first need to purchase the blueprint from Qi for 8 Data Discs at the Research Center. It’ll take 3 days for Qi to prepare the blueprint.

The Dew Collector blueprint.

Required Materials to Build the Dew Collector

Icon Material Amount
Item_Drop_Stick.png Wooden Sticks x3
Item_Drop_Plate_Marble.png Marble Brick x2
Item_Drop_CommonLeather.png Basic Leather x3
Item_Drop_Stone_Groove.png Stone Trough x2

To make a Dew Collector, you need x3 Wooden Sticks, x2 Marble Bricks, x2 Stone Troughs and x3 Basic Leather. For those materials, you’ll need the following raw resources:

  • 9 Wood Item_Drop_Wood_0.png
  • 9 Raw Animal Skin Raw_Animal_Skin.png
  • 3 Sea Salt Item_Useable_Food_Salt.png
  • 8 Marble Item_Drop_Ore_Marble.png
  • 12 Stone Item_Drop_Rock_0.png

How to Get Wooden Sticks

Wooden Sticks can be obtained in a couple of different ways. The easiest and most reliable way to get wooden sticks is to collect lots of wood from bushes and wooden scrap piles and then craft Wooden Sticks at the worktable. It costs 6 wood to make one Wooden Stick at the worktable, so you’ll need x9 wood in total.

Yakthorn bushes are great for collecting wood.

Alternatively, if you have some wood scraps, you can put them in the Recycler. When wood scraps are put in the Recycler, they have a chance of being recycled into dregs, wood or even wooden sticks! Wooden Sticks seem to be a bit of a rarer drop but if you have lots of wood scraps obtain from wood scrap piles then you might have a decent chance of getting the 3 Sticks you need.

Wood scraps can be recycled into dregs, wood or wood sticks.

How to Make Marble Bricks

To make 1 Marble Brick, you’ll need to place x4 Marble in the furnace. Marble is easily obtained from quarrying hard rocks and the Monument ruins in the desert near your workshop. So to make the 2 Marble Bricks, you’ll need x8 Marble.

(1 of 2) Hard rocks can be quarried for Marble

Hard rocks can be quarried for Marble (left), which can be used to make Marble Bricks. (right)

How to Make Basic Leather

Basic Leather can be made at the worktable using Raw Animal Skin and Salt. For each piece of basic leather, you’ll need 3 Raw Animal Skin and 1 Salt.

How to Get Raw Animal Skin

Raw Animal Skin can be obtained in a few different ways. The easiest way to obtain lots of Raw Animal Skin is to head out and hunt some of the Wild Yakmel out in the desert near your house. Most of the time, they’ll drop at least a couple of Raw Animal Skin, but they’ll also drop a lot of Damaged Animal Skin.

In total, you’ll need x9 Raw Animal Skin to make the 3 Basic Leather required for the Dew Collector.

Icon Material Amount
Raw_Animal_Skin.png Raw Animal Skin 3
Item_Useable_Food_Salt.png Salt 1

Get raw animal skin from the Yakmel in the desert near your workshop.

The Damaged Animal Skin is still usable though! In the worktable, you can use x4 Damaged Animal Skin to make 1 Raw Animal Skin.

How to Get Sea Salt

Sea Salt can only be purchased from vendors. The vendors that sell Sea Salt are By the Stairs store and the Blue Moon To-Go store and they’ll sell it for around 8 Gols depending on cost fluctuation.

How to Make a Stone Trough

Icon Material Amount
Item_Drop_Rock_0.png Stone x6

A Stone Trough can be crafted at the worktable. You’ll need 2 stone troughs, so you’ll need double the materials - x12 Stone in total. As outlined above, stone can be collected from stone piles, by mining gravel or you could put Stone Scraps through the Recycler. You could even buy some from the Commerce Guild if you have the Gols.

The Stone Trough is crafted on the worktable.

How to Use the Dew Collector

The Dew Collector is a passive machine that slowly collects Dew over time. The Dew can then be used to make water barrels for your Water Tank.

You’ll need 10 Dew to make one barrel of water at the worktable. One barrel of water is not a whole lot and won’t last long if you have a few machines operating, but now that you have a passive income of water you should be able to better manage your water!

Resource Makes:
Item_Drop_Water.png10 Dew Item_Drop_Water_0.png1 Water Barrel

The Dew Collector will passively collect dew for you!

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