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My Time at Sandrock

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Picking Up the Slack

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the Picking Up the Slack main quest in My Time at Sandrock.

This quest can only be picked up after completing the First Day on the Job main quest. You’ll be given the blueprint for building a Crane Lift from Rocky and Yan at the Commerce Guild.

How to Build a Crane Lift

In order to build a Crane Lift for Rocky, you’re going to need a lot of different materials - some of the materials will only be obtainable from Eufaula Salvage yard so make sure to head out and dig through all the available scrap piles first. Eufaula Salvage is found just up the hill from your workshop so it’ll be a daily go to destination!

Eufaula Salvage has a lot of different scrap piles to dig through!

Though not required, you may find it beneficial to also take a quick detour and build a furnace before building the crane. Mi-an suggests building one and you’ll definitely need one for later quests so why not start early? Head over to our guide on how to build a furnace for more information.

To make the Crane Lift, you’ll need x8 Bricks, x5 Wooden Sticks, x6 Thick Rope, x5 Copper Stick and x4 Bearings.

Icon Material Amount
ItemThickrope0.png Thick Rope x6
ItemDropBrick.png Bricks x8
ItemDropBearing.png Bearing x4
copperstick.png Copper Stick x5

All of these materials are made from other resources, so in total you’ll need the following materials:

  • 32 Stone ItemDropRock0.png
  • Copper Scraps ItemCopperWasteqa.png - get as much as you can because the Copper Stick drop is random.
  • 24 Plant Fiber ItemDropFiber.png
  • 30 Wood ItemDropWood0.png or Wood Scraps ItemWoodWastepy.png (Wood Sticks are a random drop)
  • Mechanical Scraps ItemIronWasteqb.png - get as much as you can because the Bearings are a random drop.

How to Make Thick Rope

Before you can make thick rope, you’ll need to obtain the recipe from the Commerce Guild shop. The recipe costs around 18 Gols (the price can fluctuate). To make Thick Rope, you’ll need to get a lot of Plant Fiber. Thick Rope is made at a worktable.

Icon Material Amount
ItemDropFiber.png Plant Fiber 4

How to Get Plant Fiber

To make Thick Rope, you’ll need Plant Fiber, which is obtained from plants and bushes. You can either use your axe on certain plants or just gather with your hands. You’ll need 4 plant fiber for one bit of Thick Rope, meaning you’ll need 24 Plant Fiber in total to make 6 Thick Ropes.

(1 of 2) Before you can make thick rope, you'll need a recipe

Before you can make thick rope, you'll need a recipe (left), then you can make the rope using plant fibers. (right)

How to Get Bearings

Bearings can be obtained from Mechanical Scrap, which can be mined from various scrap piles in Eufaula Salvage. Place the Mechanical Scraps into the Recycler and you’ll have a chance of recycling the scraps into bearings. The drops are random so you may need to collect more or less scraps depending on your luck. You need 4 Bearings.

Bearings can be obtained from recycling mechanical scraps.

How to Get Copper Sticks

At the stage when you’re making the crane, the only real option for obtaining copper sticks is to get them from copper scraps in the Recycler. Later in the game, you can get copper sticks from putting copper bars in the Processor.

How to Get Copper Scraps

You can obtain Copper Scraps from the scrap piles found at Eufaula Salvage Yard. The Mixed Junk Piles and the Copper Scrap Piles can be mined for copper scraps. When you have a decent amount of copper scraps, return to your workshop and use the Recycler to recycle the copper scraps. There is a chance to obtain Copper Sticks from recycling copper scraps but its random so you may have to get more or less copper scraps depending on your luck. You need 5 Copper Sticks.

(1 of 2) Copper Scraps are a common drop from Mixed Junk piles

Copper Scraps are a common drop from Mixed Junk piles (left), and can be used to recycle into Copper Sticks. (right)

How to Get Bricks

Bricks can be obtained in a few different ways. You could either put stone scraps in a Recycler, but as with all things recycled, there’s no guarantee you will get bricks. If you have lots of Stone Scraps, then this might be the way to go!

Alternatively, you could place Stones in a furnace. If you want to learn how to make a furnace, head over to our guide!

Icon Material Amount
ItemDropRock0.png Stone 4

You’ll need 4 Stones for every 1 Brick, so in total you’ll need 32 Stones. Luckily, Stones are really easy to come by, just head out and find some gravel stones near your yard and mine them with your pickhammer!

Bricks can be made in the furnace as well as obtained from the recycler.

How to Use the Crane Lift

Once you’ve completed the build, pick it up and head over to Eufaula Salvage to install it. After delivering the Crane Lift to Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins and installing it, you’ll earn 600 Gols, +20 Workshop Reputation, +10 Rocky Relationship and +300 Experience.

The Crane Lift will also allow you now explore Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins! Here, you can mine new ores, items and more! Upon completing this quest, you’ll also unlock the Mining Time! side quest in which you go down to Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins.

Install the Crane Lift to complete the quest.

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