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My Time at Sandrock

Qi Romance Guide - My Time at Sandrock

Jessica Dillon

"Qi" iconQi is an eccentric scientist who spends all of his time at the Research Center in Sandrock. The player will need to go here often during the story and unlock new blueprints, so he’s easy to run into during the day. Qi is one of the 20 romanceable characters in the game and one of the easiest to befriend. The guide below goes over where to find Qi, how to romance him, and what gifts he likes in My Time at Sandrock.

Qi can be found in the Research Lab in Sandrock.

Where to Find Qi

Qi is one of the easiest characters to locate in Sandrock, as he never leaves the Research Center. The Research Center can be found on the northern part of Sandrock, south of the Museum, and north of "Mi-an" iconMi-an’s home. Qi doesn’t leave the lab during fireside meetings, but you can still go to the lab afterward to get the dialogue bonus. Unlike other players, Qi also doesn’t have a social network, so there is no bonus for growing close to adjacent characters.

How to Romance Qi

To romance Qi, you must first get to the friend level, which requires 400 points. At this friendship level, you can confess to Qi by giving him a Heart Knot. This item can be picked up from one of the game’s General Store for 128 Gols. Friendship points can be gained through speaking with Qi each day, giving him gifts, sparring with him, fulfilling requests, and playing Critters. Most of these will only give you 1 to 5 friendship points at a time, but giving the right gift can give you up to 19 points. It’s best to do all of these activities if available each day.

With each level of friendship you reach, the chances that Qi will accept your confession rise. Once the confession is accepted, your relationship status will change, and Qi will be your boyfriend. At this point, you must start building up points again, but this time, you can also go on dates to increase his affection towards you quickly. Once you reach 900 points, you will be able to Propose to Qi with an Engagement Ring. This can only be bought from the Mysterious Merchant on the 20th and 21st of each month for 2,000 Gols.

Best Gifts to Give Qi

Qi enjoys gifts related to science and research, many of which can be found by mining in ruins. Qi doesn’t really have any neutrals, and items not on the list below should be avoided. While there are a lot of loved and liked gifts, you will find that many of them won’t be worth your time to try and get.

Gift Level Gifts
Love Astronomical Telescope, ⁠Compact Motor⁠, ⁠DNA Model⁠, ⁠Equatorial Mount⁠, ⁠Flag Waving Astronaut Model⁠, Golfing Astronaut Model⁠, ⁠Gravity Motor, ⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model⁠, ⁠High-speed Motor⁠, High-speed "Processor" iconProcessor, Inflated Astronaut Model⁠, Pro Gamer Chair⁠, ⁠Satellite Model, ⁠Spaceship Model⁠, ⁠Spacesuit⁠, Techno Box, ⁠Techno Locker⁠, Techno Table⁠
Like ⁠ Armor Display, ⁠"Artwork: Windmill" iconArtwork: Windmill⁠, ⁠Coffee Beans, ⁠Condensed Power "Stone" iconStone⁠, Condenser, ⁠Cross Anchor⁠, ⁠Data Disc⁠, ⁠Diamond⁠, ⁠Engine, Fish Fossil, ⁠Fluorite⁠, ⁠Gold⁠, ⁠Grand Theater, ⁠"Intoxicating Dream" iconIntoxicating Dream⁠, Microchip⁠, ⁠Milk Chestnut⁠, ⁠"Monument" iconMonument⁠, ⁠Opal⁠, "Perfect Builder" iconPerfect Builder⁠, ⁠Perfume Apple, Pioneer⁠, Power Cell⁠, ⁠Power "Stone" iconStones, Rosestone, ⁠"Royal Jelly" iconRoyal Jelly⁠, ⁠Sailor’s Horn, "Sandrock Beauty" iconSandrock Beauty⁠, "Shadowy Figure" iconShadowy Figure⁠, Ship Wheel Model⁠, Simple Circuits⁠, Signal Triangulator, Spicy Fish Soup⁠, "Spinel" iconSpinel⁠, ⁠Summer Sand Tea⁠, ⁠"Sunstone" iconSunstone⁠, ⁠Switchboard⁠, ⁠Tea Egg⁠, ⁠Tea Leaves⁠, ⁠Tea Porridge⁠, ⁠"Water" iconWater

The Inflated Astronaut Model and Flag Waving Astronaut Model will give you 19 points each but aren’t easy to find as you must find the pieces for each model and then use a Relic Restoring Machine to make them. Items like Power "Stone" iconStones, Engines, and Motors are much easier to find in ruins, so try to focus on keeping a stockpile to gift to Qi. Power Stones grant six points, while Engines grant seven points, and the lowest level motor, the Compact Motor, will get you 15 points. Power Stones, along with Simple Circuits, can be found in the early ruins, making them a great starting gift to stock up on.

As you work your way up, you can start to give Qi rarer gifts like Gold, Coffee Beans, and Motors to help his affection for you grow faster. Building a relationship with any character takes a few seasons, so make sure to stop by each day to interact with Qi to ensure you are getting the maximum number of points.

Qi Player Gifts

Qi will also grant you gifts as you increase his friendship level. The table below is what you can expect to get from Qi as you become close to him. Many of these are gifts that he enjoys, so if you have no use for them, they can help you to gain some extra points.

Friendship Level Gift
Buddy x6 Relic "Stone" iconStone, x1 Relic Bag
BFF x4 Condensed Power "Stone" iconStone, x2 Flag Waving Astronaut Model
Boyfriend x5 Compact Motor, x1 Techno Floppy Disk Box, x1 Techno Lamp, x1 Techno Table
Fiance x1 Spaceship Model, x2 Spacesuit

These gifts will be sent to you in the mail, so check your mailbox once you reach these friendship and romance levels. In addition, there is a chance that Qi will send you other gifts regularly, and they will be in the same vein as the ones you automatically receive above.

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