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My Time at Sandrock

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The New Builder

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the second main quest, The New Builder in My Time at Sandrock.

Before you can access this quest, you’ll have to have first completed Welcome to Sandrock, in which you create your very own character and arrive at Sandrock!

Collecting Materials

Before you can get started on building, you’ll first need to collect some materials. Your first task is to rummage through the junk piles nearby your workshop and collect x4 Stone and x2 Wood.

For your first junk pile, you’ll be guided by a glowing blue arrow. You can then use your hands (you don’t have tools yet) to pull out some basic resources.

In this junk pile, you'll find stone!

You can also find wood in a wood pile just nearby the yaks! Alternatively, you could also pick up the stone axe half buried in the yard and begin chopping away at the bushes or wood scrap piles nearby.

How to Make a Pickhammer

Once you have the required materials, you’ll be able to make yourself a Pickhammer! You can craft it at the worktable that Mason left behind.

Icon Material Amount
ItemDropRock0.png Stone x4
ItemDropWood0.png Wood x2

You'll go through a mini tutorial on how to craft things in the worktable.

Once you’ve got a pickhammer, you’ll be required to head over and speak to Yan at the Commerce Guild. The Commerce Guild can be found just across the train tracks - it’s the first building on the left hand side as you enter onto the street.

After showing him your pickhammer, Yan will instruct you to now build a Recycler!

How to Build a Recycler

The first thing you’ll want to do is return to your yard and interact with the Assembly Station (the book in front of the platform). Select the Recycler - right now it’s the only option you have - and it’ll create a grey outlined blueprint on the platform. When you walk up to the blueprint you can add materials.

Required Materials

To make the recycler you’ll need x2 Stone Trough, x3 Wood and x2 Grinding Saws. Details on how to obtain these items can be found below.

Icon Material Amount
ItemDropStoneGroove.png Stone Trough x2
ItemDropWood0.png Wood x3
ItemDropGrindingWheel.png Grinding Saws x2

In total you’ll need the following amount of resources to craft all separate items:

  • 14 Stone ItemDropRock0.png
  • 3 Wood ItemDropWood0.png
  • 8 Dinas ItemDropSand.png

How to Get Wood

Wood can easily be collected by chopping at bushes or wooden scraps, or by sifting through wood piles with your hands! Remember, don’t chop down trees or cacti - it’s bad for the environment, the town will hate you and you’ll be fined!

then search for some wooden scraps with an axe symbol hovering over them!

How to Make a Grinding Saw

Icon Material Amount
ItemDropRock0.png Stone x1
ItemDropSand.png Dinas x4

You make Grinding Saws at the Worktable. To make a Grinding Saw, you’ll need x4 dinas and x1 stone - and since you need 2 grinding saws, you’ll have to get twice as many materials!

How to Get Dinas

Dinas is a really common sand-like resource that can be mined from red gravel stones found in the area outside your workshop. You’ll need to collect 8 in total to craft 2 Grinding Saws.

Gravel can be mined for the Dinas resource.

How to Get Stone

Stone can be found by mining stone scrap piles with your pickhammer or by mining gravel stones. This is another common item that you’ll have no problem finding!

Use your pickhammer to mine new scraps.

How to Make a Stone Trough

Icon Material Amount
ItemDropRock0.png Stone x6

A Stone Trough can be crafted at the worktable. You’ll need 2 stone troughs for the Recycler, so you’ll need double the materials - 12 Stone in total. As outlined above, stone can be collected from stone piles, by mining gravel or you could even buy some from the Commerce Guild if you have the Gols.

The Stone Trough is crafted on the worktable.

How to Use the Recycler

Once you’ve built the Recycler on the assembly station, you’ll need to pick up the Recycler and place it onto the ground somewhere on your yard.

The Recycler is a staple at Sandrock!

The Recycler will be your best friend in this game, and you’ll likely end up with more than one in your yard! They can be used to turn scraps into more usable materials. You can’t control what your scraps are turned into, but each different scrap variant can churn out certain materials - with some having a higher change of dropping. This might be a bit annoying at first, especially if you need specific resources but the best way to counteract this is to pile as much scraps into your recycler as possible to increase the chances of your desired material dropping.

Wood scraps can be recycled into dregs, wood or wood sticks.

Once you’ve completed the Recycler, return to Yan to tell him the good news. He’ll reward you with some new Assembly Station diagrams, +50 Gols and +150 Experience. After speaking to Yan, you’ll begin the next quest, Becoming Official.

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