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Operation De-Geeglate

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the Operation De-Geeglate main quest in My Time at Sandrock.

Before you can access this quest, you’ll need to complete Moisture Farm Blues and been into The Breach and defeated the Geeglers.

Time for Operation De-Geeglate.

Talk to Justice at the Civil Corpse Office

After you’ve completed Moisture Farm Blues, you’ll be sent a letter by Justice who will ask you to help out the CiviL Corps crew with clearing out the Geeglers from the station across the canyon. Your first task will be to head to the Civil Corps office and speak about their plan.

The Civil Corps office is near the oasis so when you have a moment head on down and speak to them. When you talk to them, they’ll explain that they want to rebuild the tram cart system and they want you to build some tram carts. First though, you’ll have to wait until they send you over the tram cart blueprints. It’ll take a day so you’ll find the blueprint in the mail the following day.

Head to Civil Corps office to hear their plan!

How to Upgrade Your Worktable

Before you can build the Suspended Tram Cart, you’ll have to upgrade your workbench, if you haven’t done so already. You need an intermediate worktable, and you can either obtain it by upgrading an existing worktable or by building a whole new workbench on the assembly station. We’d advise just doing the former option given that workbenches don’t have timers so you don’t really need two, plus it’s materially cheaper to just upgrade. You’ll need the following materials to upgrade your workbench:

Icon Material Amount: Upgrade
ItemDropMarbletiles.png Marble Slab x5
ItemDropCopperwire 1.png Copper Wire x10
ItemDropOldParts.png Old Parts x10
ItemDropHardstick.png Hardwood Stick x5
ItemMachinetoolupgrade0.png Machine Upgrade Kit x3

To upgrade your Worktable, you’ll need x5 Marble Slabs, x10 Copper Wires, x10 Old Parts, x5 Hardwood Stick and x3 Machine Upgrade Kits.

Head over to our guide on How to Build an Intermediate Worktable for more information on the required resources to make the materials. Alternatively, you can also find more information on how to build an intermediate worktable on the assembly station.

How to Build the Suspended Tram Cart

Now that you’ve got an Intermediate Worktable, you’ll be able to get to work on the Suspended Tram Cart!

Required Materials for Intermediate Worktable

Icon Material Amount Required:
ItemDropPlateBronze.png Bronze Plate x6
ItemDropShelfBronze.png Bronze Frame x2
ItemDropCopperwire 1.png Copper Wire x8
ItemDropBearing.png Bearing x4
  • 120 Copper Ore ItemDropOreCopper.png
  • 64 Tin Ore ItemDropOreTin.png
  • 4 Bearings ItemDropBearing.png (from Mechanical Scraps)

Suspended Tram Cart blueprint.

How to Get Bronze Plates

Bronze Plates can be made in the Processor. You’ll need 3 Bronze Bars for each Bronze Plate, meaning you need a total of x18 Bronze Bars for 6 Bronze Plates.

Bronze Plates are made on the Processor.

How to Make Bronze Bars

Bronze Bars can be made in the Furnace with x3 Copper Ore and x2 Tin Ore. For making the x18 Bronze Bars required, you’ll need x54 Copper Ore and x36 Tin Ore.

You can obtain these materials by mining them in Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins. Copper Ore is the most abundant ore in the mines. It can be found on the first level of the Abandoned Ruins and you’ll be able to get hundreds of the stuff in no time.

Tin Ore can only be found in the mines once you’ve reached and unlocked at least the 3rd level of the Abandoned Ruins. To get to deeper levels of the mine, you need to search for door ways and holes downwards - most of the time they’ll be hidden behind depris so you’ll need to dig through it. It can be mined from silver spikey crystals. Once you’re at levels lower than the 3rd level, tin ore is very common and easy to mine.

(1 of 2) Tin Ore is found on the deeper levels (after 3rd level)

Tin Ore is found on the deeper levels (after 3rd level) (left), the tin ore is spiky and silver. (right)

Icon Material Amount
ItemDropOreTin.png Tin Ore x2
ItemDropOreCopper.png Copper Ore x3

How to Make a Bronze Frame

To make a Bronze Frame, you’ll need to first upgrade or make an Intermediate Worktable! If you haven’t made one already, head over to our guide to learn How to Make a Worktable!

The Bronze Frame is made with x5 Bronze Bars and x4 Bronze Rivets - but you need 2 Bronze Frames, so you’re going to need x14 more Bronze Bars (x42 Copper Ore and x28 Tin Ore).

The Bronze Frame is required to make the Civil Furnace on the Assembly Station.

How to Make Bronze Rivets

Before you can make Bronze Rivets, you’ll need to purchase the recipe from the Commerce Guild Store for around 30 Gols depending on the cost fluctuation.

You can make 2 Bronze Rivets on the grinder for x1 Bronze Bar - so to make 8 you’ll need x4 Bronze Bars.

You can make the Rivets on the Grinder.

How to Make Copper Wires

Icon Material Amount
CopperBars.png Copper Bars x1

Before you can make Copper Wires, you’ll need to first purchase the recipe from the Commerce Guild Store. It’ll cost around 35 Gols depending on price fluctuation.

(1 of 2) You'll first need to purchase the recipe from the Commerce Guild Shop

You'll first need to purchase the recipe from the Commerce Guild Shop (left), Copper Wire can be made on the grinder. (right)

Copper Wires can be made from Copper Bars on a Grinder. You’ll get x1 Copper Wire for x1 Copper Bar. Therefore, for 8 Copper Wires, you’ll need x8 Copper Bars.

If you make the 8 Copper Bars, you’ll need to smelt x24 Copper Ore in the furnace.

How to Get Bearings

Bearings can be obtained from Mechanical Scrap, which can be mined from various scrap piles in Eufaula Salvage. Place the Mechanical Scraps into the Recycler and you’ll have a chance of recycling the scraps into bearings. The drops are random so you may need to collect more or less scraps depending on your luck. You need x4 Bearings.

Bearings can be obtained from recycling mechanical scraps.

Installing the Suspended Tram Cart

Once you’ve finished building the Suspended Tram Cart, head over to the tram cart station near the Church of the Light. After installing it, you’ll get the option to head into the Gecko Station via the carts. The recommended level is 11-13 so prepare accordingly! Accepting the mission will begin the main quest, Belly of the Beast.

Install the Suspended Tram Cart.


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