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How to Farm

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a quick guide on how to farm in My Time at Sandrock. You’ll also find information on where to buy seeds and straw.

How to Farm in My Time at Sandrock

To be able to farm in My Time at Sandrock, you’ll first need to have completed Moisture Farm Blues.

The day after you help instal a new Hydrogel at the Moisture Farm. You’ll receive a letter from Zeke asking you to pop over to the farm to speak to him after you’ve made a Basic Planting Kit, which he’ll give you a recipe for.

Wait for the letter from Zeke to receive the recipe.

Before you can learn how to farm, Zeke requests that you make a Basic Planting Kit. The Basic Planting Kit is also required for farming.

How to Make the Basic Planting Kit

Icon Material Amount
copperstick.png Copper Sticks x3
ItemDropBarBronze.png Bronze Bars x6
ItemDropRubbertube.png Rubber Tubes x3
ItemDropOldParts.png Old Parts x2

For more information on how to get specific materials, head over to our guide on How to Make a Basic Planting Kit.

You'll need a Basic Planting kit to farm.

First off, head over to your workshop yard and equip your Basic Planting Kit. You can equip it by putting it on your hotbar, and then, you’ll be able to activate a planting mode.

In planting mode, select the straw and use it to make a straw grid on the floor. Then, select the seeds and place them on the straw grid.

Use the Basic Planting Kit to plant some Sandrice.

Next up is watering the plants! To do this, you’ll need a water barrel for each plant. You can either purchase water barrels or extract water barrels from your water tank. If you’re wanting to do lots of planting in the future, you’ll need to get your water affairs in order! Head over to our guide on how to get more water for more information!

Different plants will take different amounts of time to mature and become harvestable so make sure to keep an eye on them!

Where to Purchase Seeds

You can purchase seeds from the IMapiconShopGreenhouse00.png Moisture Farm Store. You can purchase the following seeds:

Seeds Price
⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds 5 DataDisc.png
⁠Cactus Seed 2 DataDisc.png
⁠Tomato Seeds 2 DataDisc.png
⁠Sandrice Seed x3 1 DataDisc.png
⁠Wheat Seeds x3 1 DataDisc.png
⁠Sand Leek Seeds x3 1 DataDisc.png
⁠Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds 49 ItemDropSandCoin.png
⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds 136 ItemDropSandCoin.png
⁠Rhino Horn Seeds 97 ItemDropSandCoin.png
⁠Mountain Rose Seeds 68 ItemDropSandCoin.png
⁠Chestnut Seeds 136 ItemDropSandCoin.png
⁠Rose Willow Seeds 24 ItemDropSandCoin.png

Where to Purchase Straw

You can purchase Straw from a couple of shops, as listed below. The Straw costs around 2 Gols, depending on price fluctuation.


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