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My Time at Sandrock

Trophy Roadmap - My Time at Sandrock

Jessica Dillon

If you are looking at collecting all 31 trophies, it can be a challenge as the requirements for unlocking them jump all over the place. Playing through the story of the game will only get you a handful of trophies, while the rest are divided between romance, your workshop, and random tasks. The guide below breaks down how to unlock all the trophies in My Time at Sandrock.

You will need to do a deep dive into My Time at Sandrock to get all the achievements.

Step 1 - Normal Playthrough & Side Quests

My Time at Sandrock is a game with a long main story quest, but most of it won’t involve any trophies. In fact, you only get a few trophies from playing through the main story of the game, and these can all be obtained during act one of the story. The story trophies are as follows: Officially Official, Better Late than Never, What Plants Crave, Bridging the Gap, Got The Flow Back, and Repair the Water Tower. Other trophies that you will receive while playing the main story are Big Game Hunter, On that Grindset, !Diamonds Are Forever, and Financially Secure. Big Game Hunter will appear after you defeat 50 special enemies, and On That Grindset will trigger when you use up all your stamina. !Diamonds are Forever unlocks the first time you pick up a diamond, which will be inside the Shipwreck Ruins.

Finally, Financially Secure will trigger once you’ve made 10,000 Gols. Additionally, while side quests can help you build up to the other trophies, none of the side quests themselves will reward you with them. To get the other trophies, you will need to dive into all the game has to offer.

Step 2 - Relationships

This next set of trophies all revolve around getting to know the town and can be easily missed unlocks, unlike the ones in the section above. The table below contains each relationship trophy, as well as how to get it.

Trophy Name How to Get
It’s High Noon… Duel NPCs 20 times. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.
First Love Date an NPC for the first time.
I Do! Get Married.
Chatterbox Speak with NPCs 200 times.
Santa In Training Give out 100 Gifts.
Got the Receipt? Give a hated gift.
One of the Cool Kids Reach Friend status with ten NPCs.

Most of these are easy to get, especially since you will need to get married to do so. If you want to unlock the Got The Receipt? achievement, you can do this easily by giving a character some manure. For the rest of the achievements, focus on picking out ten NPCs that you do commissions for often, or those with a large social network. "Heidi" iconHeidi’s family and "Elsie" iconElsie’s family are great choices as they post commissions regularly. If you need help with making friends, check out our friendship guide here.

Step 3 - Workshop and Special Requirements

Despite building being a major part of the story, you don’t have to do many commissions to trigger the trophies. That being said, there are three workshop-related trophies: Commissions, commissions…!, Builder of the Month, and Kind of a Big Deal. These all run together since Kind of a Big Deal is awarded after you obtain a five-star workshop, something you can only get by doing over 100 commissions, which unlocks commissions, commissions…!. In addition, if you have a five-star workshop, you will likely get workshop of the month, unlocking Kind of a Big Deal.

The last few trophies jump all over the place. The table below is here to help break them down.

Trophy Name How to Get
Pack Mule Buy 50 backpack slots.
Do Your Part Clean up trash 50 times.
Newton Kick trees 50 times. The trees must have the kick meter still active to count.
Unboxing Find and open 50 treasure chests.
It Belongs in a Museum! Donate 40 items to the museum.
Waste Not Want Not Pick up 50 pieces of Manure. These can be dropped by animals.
Who Ya Gonna Call…? Place first in the Day of Memories event.
Got Served Place first in the Dance Competition’s hardest difficulty.
Pro Gamer Earn 500 Game Center Tokens; the tokens "Catori" iconCatori gives you count towards the total.
Panda-kin Pass out from staying up late.

For the most part, these trophies are all about doing tasks repeatedly, like playing games over and over again in the Game Center. You should pick up a few treasure chests while playing through the story, and you will likely upgrade your backpack to have more slots. The achievements like It Belongs in a Museum require a more concerted effort as you need to find items and then take them over to the museum to donate. The best way to handle this list of trophies is to take them a day at a time instead of trying to grind them all out at once. For example, you can kick a few trees a day, kill a few Yakmel for manure, and visit the museum after each ruin dive. This will break these trophies up, making them a bit easier to manage. After these are done, the final trophy, My Time at Sandrock, will be unlocked.

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