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After the battle, during the night, you’ll speak with your partner. They’ll mention the story of the legendary Pokémon said to appear before those who conquer all seventeen kingdoms, of which we’ve conquered four. Your partner believes that Ransei is on the brink of destruction…

Far north of Aurora, another Warlord has also set out to conquer kingdoms. His name: Nobunaga (kudos for those getting the reference!). He aims to conquer to conquer all of the kingdoms … so as to destroy Ransei. Because of the steps he’s following, it’s obvious he needs the legendary Pokémon. We need to find that Pokémon before he does!

Well, anyways, you’ll make it to the world map. Save.

Three new kingdoms are available for conquering: Pugilis, Violight, and Chrysalia. They specialize in Fighting, Electric, and Bug Pokémon, respectively. With our current army, we’d have no problem with Chrysalia, but let’s do a bit more recruiting, eh? (Not to mention we can’t reach ’em.)

We also fear that these three kingdoms are a bit more aggressive than the others and may try invading us. Since we’ll be forced to, pretty much, deal with what soldiers we have there, move all spares into Greenleaf and Ignis.

First up, into Fontaine. Head to the Ravine for now. Bring along the army you used earlier to beat Fontaine’s army.

Battle: Wild/Warriors Pokémon (Turns: 10)

Are you up for the Ravine battle? Make sure to know which moves are effective …and which ones are not!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
"Spheal" IconSpheal Water/Ice
"Piplup" IconPiplup Water
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

"Spheal" IconSpheal is weak to Electric, Grass, Fighting, and Rock. It can use the move Powder Snow, which hits enemies up to two tiles away. This move will deal extra damage to Flying, Ground, Grass, and Dragon. It has the Deep Sleep ability, which lets it heal HP while asleep.

"Piplup" IconPiplup is weak to Electric and Grass. It can use Bubble, which will hit up to two tiles away, and deals extra damage to Ground, Fire, and Rock. It has the Wave Rider ability which will let Piplup move more whilst on the water.

And "Magikarp" IconMagikarp is what you’d expect, having played any other true Pokémon game. It is weak to Electric and Grass. It’s move is Splash, which has absolutely no effect at all. Its Gulp ability will let it heal HP while in the water. In short, it is only the mildest of hassles.

Let "Eevee" IconEevee or "Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff take down Magikarp, and let the other five deal with the other two. Should be easy enough.

Takeyori is the Warrior for Magikarp. While Magikarp sucks like you breathe, call it completionism.

After that, skip a month into July of Year 2. Now we can find two other recruit choices at the Ravine in Fontaine, and they’re light-years ahead of a Magikarp. Again, bring along the Fontaine-defeating team.

Battle: Wild/Warriors Pokémon (Turns: 10)

See, you're in Violight now!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
2x "Wooper" IconWooper Water/Ground
"Piplup" IconPiplup Water
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

"Wooper" IconWooper is weak to Grass (4x) and immune to Electric. It can use Water Gun, which will hit up to two tiles away, and will be super-effective against Fire, Rock, and Ground. One has the Gulp ability, which will let the Pokémon recover HP when in the water, and the other Pokémon has the Deep Sleep ability, which lets it recover HP while asleep.

Piplup is weak to Electric and Grass. It can use Bubble, which will hit up to two tiles away, and deals extra damage to Ground, Fire, and Rock. It has the Torrent ability, which raises its Attack when in low HP.

Okay, if your enemy positions were like ours, you can easily just let the left half of the six go to Wooper, and the right half go straight for Piplup. If not … Well, you get the idea: gang up the owned Wooper and Piplup and finish them quickly or, if you take too long, with a Grass-type attack.

Your recruits: Norishige trained Wooper (the one with Gulp) and has the Bustle ability, which can increase the Range of the user and adjacent allies; a true bounty in conjunction with Top Speed! Tadasumi has the Deep Breath Warrior Skill, which restores HP at the cost of not moving for three turns.

Well, it seems like that does it then. Shop up and do whatever you feel is necessary in preparation. Our next goal is Violight, the Electric kingdom.

Who to bring? Well, Woopers are a must, because of their Electric immunity. "Carnivine" IconCarnivine is also nice, because of his high power and resistance to Electric. Eevee and Jigglypuff are musts – mostly because of Warrior Skills AND it is a requirement. And, since we have to pick one more person, and don’t want too many Grass types to be abused by "Starly" IconStarly, let’s go with some Fire-type you love. So march them over to Greenleaf and prepare for battle!

Battle: Ginchiyos Army (Turns: 20)

Who will win this fight? It's hopefully your army!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
"Shinx" IconShinx Electric
"Starly" IconStarly Normal/Flying
"Pichu" IconPichu Electric
"Panpour" IconPanpour Water
"Mareep" IconMareep Electric
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

"Shinx" IconShinx is weak to Ground. Its move is Spark, which hits an adjacent tile, and deals extra damage to Flying and Water. It has the Sequence ability, which will raise its Attack when several Electric Pokémon are together.

Starly is weak to Rock, Ice, and Electric, and immune to Ghost and Ground. Its move is Quick Attack, which will hit an adjacent tile, and has no type-based advantages. Its ability is Keen Eye, which will prevent lowered accuracy for it.

"Pichu" IconPichu is weak to Ground. Its move is Thundershock, which can hit up to two tiles away, may paralyze, and deals extra damage to Flying and Water. Its ability is Mood Maker, which increases the Energy of nearby allies.

"Panpour" IconPanpour is weak to Grass and Electric. Its move is Water Gun, which can hit up to two tiles away, and will do extra damage to Rock, Ground, and Fire. Its ability is Melee, which may let it hit adjacent enemies during battle.

"Mareep" IconMareep is weak to Ground. Its move is Thundershock, which can hit up to two tiles away, may paralyze, and deals extra damage to Flying and Water. Its ability is Interference, which will lower the accuracy of nearby enemies.

Okay, in reality, there is no way you can recruit four of these Pokémon, because, for now, you lack the proper stats. You MIGHT be able to recruit a few by beating them in less than four turns, so you’ll have to be quick on it. Remember, Electric types resist Electric, Flying, and Steel, take extra damage from Ground, and normal damage from all else.

So, who to go for first? Shinx, Pichu, and Mareep will always be key players in future fights because of their moves, the latter two especially. We would gang up three of our Pokémon each on two of the ones we want to recruit. While our move types would deal extra damage, they’re still powerful enough to finish them in less than four turns; at least two recruits should result from this fight.

It will also take a whole turn and your half of the second to reach the others for offense, so it will probably take three turns to take down the ones you want. Again, we highly suggest aiming for the Pichu and Mareep. Shinx won’t work out because of his Warrior, Starly is generic, and you should have plenty of Water-types.

Later in the fight, perhaps on the third turn, the electrical system will activate. This means that, every now and then, lightning bolts will fall down from above, inflicting presumably Electric-type damage.

And what do those switches on the field do? Well, they seem to toss lightning down on one-fourth of the field diagonally-opposite the switch.


So, recruit data. Muneshige trained Starly and has the Marksman Skill, which will improve accuracy and critical-hit rate for three turns. Shoun trained Pichu and has the Warrior Skill Rally, which raises the Attack of the user and adjacent allies for three turns.

Sorin trained Panpour and has the Rally Warrior Skill as well. Takatane trained Mareep and, like the main character, has the Top Speed Warrior Skill.

Now that you’ve claimed another kingdom, we’d say it is time again to recruit some more Warriors. First, skip to the next month to refresh your army ( note that we’re at September, Year 2 ) and Keiji should appear. He’ll mention to you that you should Link with other Pokémon in an attempt to find a Perfect Link Pokémon (Of course, that allows you to reach a higher Link and higher power. Do it as you will, since we’ll mostly refer to Pokémon you bring anyways).

But first, let’s explore our current kingdom, Violight. Here, you can find a Power Plant. Send some people with high Wisdom there. The Power Plant will send out energy that will bring wild Pokémon here. You can use this to make a battle for Link-boosting or meeting shy Pokémon. Do it as you will.

Our next stop should be Violight Sky Garden for three recruits (still September in Year 2). Send pretty much whoever you want.

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