So, we lack but one kingdom to conquer before the legend of Ransei will be reborn again. One more fight, versus Nobunaga, and we’ll have all of Ransei under our control!

So, we lack but one kingdom to conquer before the legend of Ransei will be reborn again. One more fight, versus Nobunaga, and we’ll have all of Ransei under our control!

Dragnor is the kingdom of Dragons, perhaps one of the sturdiest types, and definitely the most versatile. Their weaknesses are only Ice and Dragon, some of the harder types to obtain. They also resist Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric, so no common Pokémon is necessarily able to reign supreme. There are no Pokémon really worth recruiting to help with this, so we’ll ignore that completely.

So, who did we bring to the battle? We had no choice with "Jolteon" IconJolteon. "Aron" IconAron came from our partner, for the resistances. "Sealeo" IconSealeo, "Dragonite" IconDragonite, "Gabite" IconGabite, and "Beartic" IconBeartic were also tossed into the mix.

Battle: Nobunagas Army (Turns: 15)

Good luck fighting against Nobunaga in Dragnor!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
"Zekrom" IconZekrom Dragon/Electric
"Dragonair" IconDragonair Dragon
"Gabite" IconGabite Dragon/Ground
"Simisage" IconSimisage Grass
"Fraxure" IconFraxure Dragon
"Deino" IconDeino Dragon/dark
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all of the enemy Pokémon. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

"Zekrom" IconZekrom, the legendary dragon, is weak to Dragon, Ice, and Ground. Its move is Bolt Strike, which hits the target and pushes them back, may paralyze, and does extra damage to Flying and Water. Its ability, Teravolt, allows "Zekrom" IconZekrom to use its move regardless of enemies’ abilities.

"Dragonair" IconDragonair is weak to Dragon and Ice. Its attack is Dragon Tail, which hits the three tiles it’s facing and makes the target switch places with another Pokémon on the field, and deals extra damage to Dragon. Its ability, Shed Skin, allows it to heal its own statuses.

"Gabite" IconGabite is weak to Ice (4x) and Dragon and is immune to Electric. Its attack is Dragon Claw, which attacks an adjacent enemy, and deals extra damage to Dragon. Its ability, Parry, may let it block contact moves.

"Simisage" IconSimisage is weak to Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, and Poison. Its move is Leaf Storm, which hits all tiles around the user, lowers the user’s Attack, and will do extra damage to Ground, Rock, and Water. Its ability, Hero, will raise its Attack and Defense when its side is about to lose.

"Fraxure" IconFraxure is weak to Ice and Dragon. Its move is Dragon Claw, which hits an adjacent enemy and deals extra damage to Dragon. Its ability, Mold Breaker, will allow it to use moves regardless of enemies’ abilities.

"Deino" IconDeino is weak to Ice, Dragon, Fighting, and Bug, and is immune to Psychic. Its move is Dragon Rage, which will inflict 40 damage up to two tiles away. Its ability is Pride, which raises its Attack and Defense when under the effect of a status ailment.

Well, how to do this one? The hallway that is the field is rather compact. You don’t want enemies coming all too soon, so march your army forward with the distance attackers in front, and possibly in the second row as well. We would prefer to keep Dragon-types out of the front row, but if you have no choice…

Also, you see those pillars on the field? Those are Type Nodes; if a Pokémon stops next to one, it will be damaged with the proper type, depending on the type of node. Nobunaga won’t actually seem to attack until you get close to him, trying for an all-out melee, but it is better to bring six to those first two in his line-up, no?

Speaking of nodes, Revival Nodes are your best buddies - they heal HP. In fact, as the brawl gets to going, we strongly recommend sticking your party around the Revival Nodes. They’ll heal around 20+ HP per turn. That may not be much in comparison to some damage you’ll receive, but enough Hyper Potions and your partner’s Sweet Song should be enough to keep you alive through the fight.


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