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Pokémon Conquest
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 14-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 23-02-2020 / 05:02 GMT

Pokémon Conquest Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Kingdoms One to Seventeen

Kingdom Fourteen - Valora

Note: Once you’re done, let’s prepare our team for Valora, the Steel specialists. Steel is weak to Fire, Fighting, and Ground; immune to Poison; takes regular damage from Water and Electric; and resists all else. Therefore, we need a decent team.

Lesse… There are three Rock/Steel types there: you’ll want to bring Fighting or Ground Pokémon for them. You’ll want one Grass Pokémon for a Quagsire, one Fire-type for a Metagross, and a sixth, decent Pokémon – i.e. Electric – to finish off a Chimecho.

So who’d we bring? Jolteon, Carnivine, two Machokes, Tepig, and a Machop. Yep, we finally found a decent Link for my partner!

Battle: Nobunagas Army (Turns: 25)

Don't forget to save from time to time!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Aggron Rock/Steel
Metagross Steel/Psychic
Quagsire Water/Ground
2x Aron Rock/Steel
Chimecho Psychic
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all of the enemy Pokémon. Have your Pokémon KO'ed.

Aggron is weak to Fighting (4x), Ground (4x), and Water. It’s immune to Poison. Its move is Iron Tail, which hits the three tiles it is facing, pushes the targets back, and does extra damage to Ice and Rock. Its ability is Sturdy, preventing one-hit KO attacks.

Metagross is weak to Fire and Ground, and is immune to Poison. Its move is its trademark Meteor Mash, hitting an adjacent enemy, pushing them back. It may raise the user’s Attack, and does extra damage to Ice and Rock. Its ability, Bodyguard, may let it take damage for adjacent allies.

Quagsire is weak to Grass (4x), and is immune to Electric. Its move is Mud Bomb, which hits an enemy two tiles away, may lower accuracy, and does extra damage to Electric, Rock, Steel, and Fire. Its ability, Shackles, will lower the Range of enemies its attack hits.

Aron is weak to Fighting (4x), Ground (4x), and Water. It is immune to Poison. Its move is Metal Claw, which hits an adjacent enemy, may up the user’s Attack, and does extra damage to Ice and Rock. Its ability is Bodyguard, which will let it take damage for adjacent allies.

Chimecho is weak to Dark, Ghost, and Bug. Its move is Psyshock, which hits a target two tiles away with physical damage, and will do extra damage to Fighting and Psychic. Its ability, Levitate, will immunize it from Ground moves.

This field is one of the toughest you’ll play. Let’s begin with those cogs. They will raise and lower the nearest fences. The lowered ones are easily crossable, whereas those that are raised cannot be passed.

The other object of note are the cameras. They will move around the field. If you land next to one, or vice versa, it will move you somewhere else. This makes it very frustrating to make a strategy, because you never know when they’ll move or where they’ll move you. So all we can say is that you’ll want to abuse weaknesses whenever possible and have Pokémon follow the target enemy Pokémon that satisfies that.

And you can always consider a positional strategy. For example, you know those four-tile greenish landmasses? We got caught in a six-on-one with just Jolteon on the north-central one and, because of the computer’s lack of thinking ahead, we were able to blast out Metagross, Aggron, two Arons, and Chimecho, all with just Jolteon, because one Pokémon (Chimecho) got in the way of everyone from coming in, and everyone else couldn’t attack at a range.

Continue the Search

Note: Our next destination is Nixtorm, by far the easiest of the seventeen kingdoms. This is because Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel all have an advantage over Ice, which is a wide variety of mostly-commong types. Secondly, there is a small variety in that kingdom’s types: Water/Ice, Ice, and Psychic. That’s it.

But, first, recruitment! It is now December, Year 5, for us. There is a Misdreavus Warrior in Viperia’s Park; let’s go there.

Battle: Wild/Warriors Pokémon (Turns: 10)

Let's recruit some more!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Misdreavus Ghost
Ekans Poison
Gastly Ghost/Poison
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all of the enemy Pokémon. Have your Pokémon KO'ed.

Misdreavus is weak to Ghost and Dark, and is immune to Normal and Fighting. Its move is Astonish, which hits an adjacent target and pushes them back, may cause flinching, and does extra damage to Ghost and Psychic. Its ability, Levitate, also will immunize it to Ground.

Ekans is weak to Psychic and Ground. Its move is Poison Sting, which can hit up to two tiles away, may poison, and deals extra damage to Grass. Its ability is Intimidate, which weakens nearby enemies’ Attack.

Gastly is weak to Ghost, Dark, and Psychic, and is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ground (via the Levitate ability). Its move is Lick, which hits an adjacent enemy, may cause flinching, and deals extra damage to Ghost and Psychic. As I said earlier, its ability is Levitate.

Definitely go ahead and gang up on Misdreavus first; all in all, this Pokémon will be a key fighter in Spectra. As will Gastly, in fact, so let someone Link with him. Ekans - bleh, KO it and move on. After this fight, we had to deal with an invasion from Spectra, and we had left Valora empty.

So, we’ll resume recruitment on February of Year 5. Most of the available ones are ones we have already, have better ones of, or just don’t need. We’ll go ahead and list them, but there’s no need to worry about recruiting any of these if you don’t wanna; we’re not going to deal with them, in FAQ or game.

– Tepig and Ekans Warriors are in Aurora.

– A special Shinx Warrior is in Fontaine.

– A special Gurdurr, Treecko, and Venipede Warriors are in Violight.

– Charmander and Beedrill Warriors are in Greenleaf.

– Gible (using Dragon Rage) and Beedrill Warriors are in Terrera.

– Anorith and Onix Warriors are in Avia.

– Dratini (using Dragon Rage) is in Illusio.

– Riolu, Magikarp, and Joltik Warriors are in Yaksha.

– Abra is in Valora.

As before, we normally would recommend Gible and Dratini to you: they make great Dragon-type Pokémon after some evolutions. But Dragon Rage only deals 40 damage and is not worth it. Charmander is one of those we already have more than a few of, so it’s not entirely worth it.

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