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Welcome to the Guide for Pokémon Conquest!

Our First & Second Kingdoms: Aurora & Ignis

After you start up the game, opt to play a “New Game”. You will be asked as to whether you’ll play as a boy or a girl, then be asked to give your (character’s) name. Afterwards, after some of the most stunning graphics and music ever on the DS (well, kind of), we’ll begin in the kingdom of Aurora.

As you begin a conversation, everyone notices that you’re the new Warlord of their kingdom. They take note of your Eevee, a rather rare Pokémon (and common in these side-games). Suddenly, some Warriors from Ignis, the nearby kingdom, come to challenge to a battle in an attempt to take over your kingdom.

Battle: Hideyoshis Army (Turns: 20)

Lets get this fight going: Eevee and Jigglypuff fighting against Tepig.

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Tepig Fire
Bidoof Normal
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

And thusly, you quickly begin your first-ever battle under a unique battling system - at least, for Pokémon. It plays a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so you can go off that. Basically, you are allotted a set number of turns – 20 in this case – and your Pokémon will fight the opposing army’s. These battles may have certain win/lose conditions. Here, it’s simply beat all enemies to win, and lose your Eevee to lose (because Eevee is your only Pokémon right now).

As Hideyoshi begins their turn, an un-named character brings in her Jigglypuff to help you out. This character will also give you the basics on moving your Pokémon – begin by selecting your Pokémon with the A Button twice, then using the D-Pad to select the multi-color tile you want. However, you have to select a certain tile for the purposes of the tutorial. Regardless, press the A Button to opt to move the desired tile. At that point, you can “Fight” and battle, or “Wait”. Fighting only works when an enemy is nearby, so just wait for now.

On your next turn, Jigglypuff will automatically eliminate Bidoof with Doubleslap. You need to move your Eevee next to the remaining Tepig and defeat it. After moving next to it, opt to Fight, then opt for facing the Tepig. Eevee will use Quick Attack and should very likely defeat Tepig, ending the battle in your favor.

After the battle, your Link percentages will go up and you’ll return to the kingdom of Aurora. The other character will introduce himself/herself. They’ve been on a journey with Jigglypuff for a while and want to join your army. Of course you should accept.

Eventually, you’ll reach the overworld map of the Ransei region. We suggest going under “Menu” to save your game, and perhaps investigating the other various menus. Re-enter Aurora, now.

Back in town, you’ll meet up briefly with another un-named character before being made aware of the Farm, where some wild Pokémon can be found to meet the current objective. After the scene ends, select the thing that is glowing on the map and opt to send both characters.

Battle: Wild Pokémon (Turns: 10)

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Starly Normal/Flying
Bidoof Normal
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

Starly is weak to Rock, Ice, and Electric moves. It is immune to Ground and Ghost. It’s move, Quick Attack, has a one tile range and will do super-effective damage to no one, half-damage to Rock and Steel, and nothing to Ghost.

Bidoof is weak to Fighting, and immune to Ghost. Its move, Headbutt, has a one-tile range and will super-effective damage to no one, half-damage to Rock and Steel, and nothing to Ghost.

When this fight begins, you can safely just move as close to the enemy as possible: Eevee to Starly and Jigglypuff to Bidoof. After the enemies’ turn in which they will likely attack, you, too, should Fight.

However, before you can, your partner will mention Pokémon’s abilities: Eevee has Celebrate, which allows a move after beating an enemy, and Jigglypuff can use Lullaby, which can put nearby enemies to Sleep.

Since your enemies will probably run away after surviving your first attack, chase them down and continue to defeat them.


After the battle, your partner will teach about Links. Links are like emotional mutual bonds between a Warrior and his Pokémon; as they spend time together, the Pokémon and the Warrior will begin to trust each other more and more. This, in turn, allows the Pokémon to release more and more of its power, for the Warrior commanding it is thought to know really what to do.

You’ll also learn that you can only battle with your Pokémon or take them to visit a location once a month. Lucky you, there’s a “Next Month” button on the screen when your Warriors are unavailable due to this reason.

As we watch the game progress into February, you’ll notice Hideyoshi planning an attack on Aurora. Anywho, once you gain control, re-enter Aurora and go to the new feature, the Ravine, for a battle. Bring all of your whoppingly-huge army.

Battle: Wild Pokémon (Turns: 10)

Meowth and Wooper, who has the Water Gun move.

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Wooper Ground/Water
Meowth Normal
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

Wooper is weak to Grass (4x) only. It will be immune to Electric attacks. Its move, Water Gun, will deal extra damage to Ground, Fire, and Rock types. Water Gun is able to attack up to two tiles away. It also has the Deep Sleep ability, which will let it restore HP while asleep.

Meowth is weak to Fighting and immune to Ghost. It can the move Fury Swipes, which attacks an adjacent tile and deals super-effective damage to no one, half-damage to Rock and Steel, and nothing at all to Ghost types.

As the battle begins, your partner will point out to you the Wooper and its Water Gun. Well, this the point in the game where strategies slowly begin to get more vague. Anyways, move Jigglypuff towards Wooper and Eevee towards Meowth.

After the enemies’ turn ends, your partner will mention how a Warrior can help their Pokémon: through items, obviously, and Warrior Skills. Your partner’s skill is Sweet Song, which can heal all allies’ HP. Yours is Top Speed, which can increase attack range. These abilities can only be used once per battle, and are used with the X Button when opting to move Pokémon.

Anyhow, continue to get rid of your opponents. When Meowth went away, we noticed that a Treasure Box appeared. If you stand on that tile with a Pokémon, you can get a random item (we got a Fragment).

Advance to the next month afterwards. In March, some guys will come to you, commenting on how you’re merely training your Pokémon, but for what? Eventually you’ll have to invade another kingdom; after all, that elaborate event from before meant something. Winning kingdoms can get Warriors and Pokémon to join you.

Obviously, you have no choice now. Two months after their initial invasion, it is time to pay a visit to Ignis. But this is no peaceful visit. Select the kingdom of Ignis and opt to “Battle”. Take your two Warriors with you.


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