Keiji asks you to come to Ignis Castle. He will recognize you there later.

After the battle, your partner comments on how we should be making some new allies soon enough. Suddenly, an unknown man comes up and scolds you for doing this while lacking such knowledge. He was impressed with your battle, though, and tells you that he is called Keiji. When you’re ready to learn how to make allies, come to Ignis Castle.

Once you regain control, opt to save and advance to the next month. Then opt to enter Ignis Castle. Keiji will come up to you and remember that he decided to teach you how to make allies. Apparently, it’s easy. Not all Warriors are part of an army; many are often just unattached and, in effect, are mercenaries. Keiji mentions a cave and how some of them may be in there. He admits to being a free-range Warrior as well and leaves to go shopping.

So, there are three places you are currently able to go. We first recommend the northern one, the Ponigiri Shop. There, you buy ponigiri. Ponigiri is much like EV-stat boosters from previous Pokémon games, but it increases their Energy, which we guess is how enthusiastic they are; as it goes higher, so does their power. All Pokémon have different Energy levels, and the level will change every three months. You can get freebies, so eat up. Twice seemed to suffice to get Eevee at max Energy.

The other thing, besides the cave, is a basic shop. There, you can buy and sell various items. The prices differ for every customer – we assume it is because of their Charisma level, and that the higher it is will lower prices. You should have at least $1,200. All we found worth buying is a Super Potion or two. Once you’re ready, head to the cave with both characters.

Battle: Rikyus Darumaka (Turns: 10)

Defeat this Warrior within 4 turns! He might join your army!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Darumaka Fire
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

Darumaka is weak to Rock, Ground, and Water. It’s move, Flame Wheel, can hit up to two tiles away. That move deals super-effective damage to Ice, Bug, Steel, and Grass. It has the Run Up ability, as well. This ability will raise Attack in a manner proportionate to the distance it moves.

The battle begins with your partner noting the fact that Warriors are, indeed, in here. Rikyu comes up and offers to join your group, if you impress him by winning in four turns. With a two-on-one, that’s hardly hard.

We’d begin by using Top Speed to move Eevee right onto the Treasure Box on the field to find a Potion, then move Jigglypuff towards Darumaka. Darumaka, at least for us, will move between the two of you and not attack. So you should attack with both Pokémon. Darumaka still fails to attack; finish him on the next turn.


After the battle, you select the Warriors you want to recruit. Since we send a fair number into battle, it is worth recruiting Rikyu. Plus, Fire-types allow us to begin abusing type disadvantages in earnest.

Rikyu has the Warrior Skill of Detox - it removes all paralysis and poisoning from allies. He has the Darumaka from the previous battle.

To recruit Warriors, you must win in four turns, win by using a move that is super-effective on their Pokémon, or win without taking damage. Sometimes, there are also other special conditions you must fulfill.

As your partner comments on how nicely your army is growing, Mitsunari comes by, mentioning that there are other kingdoms you can conquer, like Greenleaf and Fontaine. Kiyomasa will note that Ignis used mostly Fire-types; this can imply, for example, that Greenleaf will use mostly Grass-types, and other kingdoms will specialize. Greenleaf and Fontaine don’t really plan on expanding, so now’s our chance!

Continue to the next month. Now, though it may be optional, we recommend doing a fight in the Cave again, this time to still recruit Warriors. After all, the other two kingdoms will be using four Pokémon; why not us? Bring everyone along!

Battle: Wild/Warriors Pokémon (Turns: 10)

An intense battle is about to start!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Charmander Fire
Zubat Poison/Flying
2x Tepig Fire
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have you Pokémon KO’ed.

Tepig is weak to Rock, Ground, and Water. Its move, Ember, will hit a target two tiles away. It deals super-effective damage to Fire, Ice, Bug, and Steel. It has the Blaze ability, which will raise its Attack once its HP is low.

The wild Tepig is weak to Rock, Ground, and Water. Its move, Ember, will hit a target two tiles away. It deals super-effective damage to Fire, Ice, Bug, and Steel. It has the Celebrate ability, which allows an extra turn upon defeating an enemy.

Charmander is weak to Rock, Ground, and Water. Its Ember will hit a target two tiles away. It deals super-effective damage to Fire, Ice, Bug, and Steel. It has the Blaze ability, which will raise its Attack once its HP is low.

Zubat is weak to Psychic, Rock, Ice, and Electric, and is immune to Ground. It’s Wing Attack will hit an adjacent tile, and deals extra damage to Grass, Bug, and Fighting Pokémon. Its ability, Inner Focus, prevents flinching.

Now, obviously, we want to recruit Tepig and Charmander – the ones at the corners of the field. How do we do this? Well, we have no super-effective moves at our disposal, and we doubt we’ll get out of this unscathed. Begin by sending Eevee, with Top Speed, straight to the Tepig next to the raised platforms; let Jigglypuff and Darumaka deal with Charmander.

Remember, do not deal with the wild Pokémon; focus solely on the owned ones so as to win in less than four turns. Darumaka has to have one tile between him and the target to actually attack. And these Pokémon will attack, by the way.


You’ll want to recruit both Warriors. Takatora will use Charmander and has the ability Added Bonus, which allows three turns from the use of it to make it more likely enemies will gain statuses. Hideaki uses Tepig and has the Fortify Warrior Skill, which will raise Defense for three turns.

Now, there’s no Warriors in the Cave, nor at the Ravine or the Farm in Aurora. You’re free to choose what to do now. We recommend going to use some Ponigiri to raise Pokémon’s Energy who have down-pointing arrows to at least a up-right-pointing arrow. Shop a little at the shop, too, if you want.

Okay, so where to go? Our party consists of Eevee, Jigglypuff, Tepig, Darumaka, and Charmander: two Normal-types and three Fire-types. That territory around Fontaine is a bit worrying, so we suggest the Grass-specializing Greenleaf. So let’s fight! (Be sure to take all five Warriors with you).

Battle: Montonaris Army (Turns: 15)

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Snivy Grass
Pansage Grass
2x Sewaddle Grass/Bug
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.
-- Your enemy gets all banners.

Snivy’s picture looks a bit scary, huh? Anyways, it is weak to Fire, Ice, Bug, Poison, and Flying. Its move, Vine Whip, will hit the tile in front of it and the two next to it. That move will do extra damage to Ground, Rock, and Water. It has the Overgrow ability, letting it do more damage once at low HP.

Pansage is also weak to Fire, Ice, Bug, Poison, and Flying. Its move, Vine Whip, will hit the tile in front of it and the two next to it. That move will do extra damage to Ground, Rock, and Water. It has the Melee ability, which may have Pansage attack adjacent enemies during battle.

Sewaddle is weak to Fire (4x), Ice, Bug, Poison, Flying (4x), and Rock. Its move, Bug Bite, will attack the enemy in front. It does extra damage to Grass, Psychic, and Dark. One Sewaddle has the Grass Cloak ability, which raises Defense while on grass terrain, while the other uses Stealth, which allows the Sewaddle to evade the enemy’s moves while on favorable terrain.

About the terrain of the area. Firstly, some of the bushy areas will grow some vines at times to make a bridge. Secondly, the light-green hay patches mark secret passages that are, in effect, warps. And, finally, there are some traps on the field.

So, where to send everyone? We sent Eevee (with Top Speed) with Charmander to the northern banner, and the others were to work to the central one, then to go to the southwestern one. Remember, to claim a banner, you’ll need to have a Pokémon stop on the banner’s tile. Doing so also restores the HP of a Pokémon, so if one got damaged, you know what to do.

But don’t be afraid to get rid of a Pokémon that gets in your way! Fire is always the best to use. It is up to you whether you want to get rid of all of the enemy Pokémon and then get the banners, or just go for the banners and hope.

We will also note that you can recruit Warriors here as well. We would prefer, then, that you defeat all of the enemies using Fire-type attacks. You’ll greatly enjoy their help later on!

We were able to recruit Motoharu, Takakage, and Takamoto, but we are not sure if you can recruit Motonari.

Anyways, Motoharu uses Pansage as in the previous fight. He has the Mighty Blow skill, which raises Attack. Takakage uses Sewaddle and the ability Adrenaline, which raises Attack for three turns. Takamoto also uses Sewaddle and the ability Brotherhood, which raises the user’s and adjacent allies’ Defense for three turns.

Now save the game!


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