And so, Nobunaga’s ambition has been thwarted. We have conquered all seventeen kingdoms of Ransei. As we leave Dragnor, lights emanate from all across the kingdoms, centering at a point over Dragnor.

What could this mean? Go there and enter the Infinite Cave for one final fight!

Battle: Arceus (Turns: N/A)

Its Arceus!! An awesome legendary Pokémon!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Arceus Normal
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Link the main character with Arceus. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

And so, our final battle is meant to be versus the legendary Pokémon Arceus, the one said to have been hatched from an Egg prior to all existence, the one said to have created the universe itself. Arceus is weak to Fighting, resists none, is immune to Ghost, and takes regular damage from everything else. Its attack is Judgement, which hits the tiles around Arceus.

The attack is also of the Normal type, inflicting super-effective damage on none and half-damage to Rock and Steel. Its ability, Omnipotent, allows it to always deal damage, regardless of type data, and the Pokémon is supposed to have several different abilities.

As the fight begins, Arceus calls out to you. He wants you to form a Link with him. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO EVEN THINK ABOUT DEFEATING IT ! This is a legendary Pokémon; only fools think of ever letting one go.

Battle: Nobunagas Army (Turns: N/A)

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Rayquaza Dragon/Flying
Lapras Water/Ice
Mismagius Ghost
Aggron Steel/Rock
Infernape Fire/Fighting
Lucario Fighting/Steel
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemy Pokémon. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

The new Pokémon Nobunaga came with is Rayquaza. And not just any Rayquaza – the cool, SHINY one that’s jet-black. Seriously, you’ll probably never find a legit one ever again. Anyways, it is weak to Ice (4x), Dragon, and Rock. Its move is Dragon Pulse, which hits the three tiles in front of it, and does extra damage to Dragon. Its ability, Nomad, raises Attack proportionately to the distance moved.

Lapras is weak to Grass, Electric, Rock, and Fighting. Its move is Ice Beam, which hit the three tiles it is facing, may freeze the target, and does extra damage to Ground, Flying, and Grass. Its ability, Shell Armor, stops critical hits.

Mismagius is weak to Dark and Ghost, and is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ground (by ability). Its attack is Shadow Ball, which hits a target two tiles away, may lower Defense, and does extra damage to Ghost and Psychic. Its ability is Levitate, which immunizes it from Ground.

Aggron is weak to Fighting (4x), Ground (4x), and Water. It’s immune to Poison. Its move is Iron Tail, which hits the three tiles it is facing, pushes the targets back, and does extra damage to Ice and Rock. Its ability is Sturdy, preventing one-hit KO attacks.

Hideyoshi’s still around too, now using his evolved Monferno (Infernape). It is weak to Water, Ground, Flying, and Psychic. Its move is Fire Spin, which will hit all tiles surrounding the one two tiles away, but not the tile itself. It hits four or five times, and does extra damage to Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel. Its ability, Blaze, raises its Attack when its HP is low.

Lucario is weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground, and is immune to Poison. Its move is Aura Sphere, which hits a tile two tiles away and pushes back the target, will always hit, and deals extra damage to Ice, Rock, Steel, and Normal. Its ability, Parry, lets it sometimes block contact attacks.

How will you deal with this onslaught of variety? We sent Arceus far ahead of everyone with Courage, and then went to the biggest group and hit them with Judgement. Then we continued that, healing with a Full Restore and our partner’s Sweet Song when needed. We let our other Pokémon, of course, come up for some battling as well, abusing enemy weaknesses, but never near Arceus.

And trust us, this battle may seem hard, but with a Hyper Potion on Arceus and his Omnipotent ability, you’ll find a lot of ease. It was fun to watch Rayquaza keep aiming with Dragon Pulse and continually failing!


You beat Pokémon Conquest!


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