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Pokémon Conquest
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 14-08-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-01-2020 / 17:39 GMT

Pokémon Conquest Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Kingdoms One to Seventeen

Kingdom Fifteen - Nixtorm

Note: We’ll continue to the next kingdom. So, Nixtorm is a kingdom full of frosty Ice-types. Ice is weak to Rock, Steel, Fighting, and Fire. Given the Pokémon that will be in this battle against you, we recommend the two Ghosts from before (or Bug Pokémon), two strong Fire/Fighting/Steel/Rock Pokémon, and then two strong Electric/Fighting Pokémon.

Who’d we bring? Jolteon, Misdreavus, Gastly, Emboar, and two Machokes.

Battle: Nobunagas Army (Turns: 25)

Welcome to the frosty Nixstorm!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Lapras Water/Ice
Musharna Psychic
Sealeo Water/Ice
Beartic Ice
Cubchoo Ice
Munna Psychic
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all of the enemy Pokémon. Have your Pokémon KO'ed.

Lapras is weak to Grass, Electric, Rock, and Fighting. Its move is Ice Beam, which hit the three tiles it is facing, may freeze the target, and does extra damage to Ground, Flying, and Grass. Its ability, Shell Armor, stops critical hits.

Musharna is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost. Its move is Dream Eater, which hits a sleeping target to absorb HP, and does extra damage to Fighting and Poison. Its ability, Calming, may let nearby enemies fall asleep.

Sealeo is weak to Rock, Electric, Fighting, and Grass. Its move is Ice Ball, which hits a target two tiles away multiple times, becoming stronger each time, and will deal extra damage to Flying, Grass, and Ground. Its ability, Skater, will increase its Range on icy terrain.

Beartic is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Ground. Its move is Icicle Crash, which hits a target two tiles away, may cause flinching, and deals extra damage to Ground, Grass, and Flying. Its ability, Tenacity, may induce flinching when this Pokémon is hit with a contact move.

Cubchoo is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Ground. Its move is Powder Snow, which hits the two tiles in front of it, may freeze the target, and deals extra damage to Flying, Ground, and Grass. Its ability, Stealth, raises its evasion when on favorable terrain.

Munna is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost. Its move is Hypnosis, which induces the Sleep status. Its ability, Deep Sleep, will increase its HP while the Pokémon is asleep.

So, what first? Well, there’s not a lot special about this battlefield. You will want your Electric/Fighting Pokémon to go for Lapras and Sealeo, your Ghost/Bug/Dark Pokémon to beat up Munna, then Musharna afterwards, and your Fire/Fighting/Rock/Steel Pokémon to shatter Cubchoo and Beartic.

We will note that snowy terrain, such as here, will lower your Range. And icy terrain is like in the mainstream games: step on it and you’ll go sliding until you bump into something or land. You’ll also find drifting ice tiles: they’ll carry you to the other side of the small river.

Find Some New Recruits!

So, we some more recruiting to do before we conquer our sixteenth kingdom. On March of Year 5, we found Sneasel in Valora’s Park . Being Dark/Ice, it’ll help us somewhat.

Battle: Wild/Warriors Pokémon (Turns: 10)

Good luck battling in this icy kingdom!

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Sneasel Dark/Ice
Anorith Bug/Rock
Sewaddle Bug/Grass
Beartic Ice
Litwick Fire/Ghost
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all of the enemy Pokémon. Have your Pokémon KO'ed.

Sneasel is weak to Fighting (4x), Bug, Fire, Rock, and Steel, and is immune to Psychic. Its move is Faint Attack, which hits an adjacent target without fail, and does extra damage to Psychic and Ghost. Its ability, Inner Focus, prevents flinching.

Anorith is weak to Water and Steel. Its move is Fury Cutter, which hits the three tiles in front of it, and does more damage if used in succession, and does more damage to Grass, Dark, and Psychic. Its ability, Battle Armor, stops critical hits.

Sewaddle is weak to Fire (4x), Ice, Bug, Poison, Flying (4x), and Rock. Its move, Bug Bite, will attack the enemy in front. It does extra damage to Grass, Psychic, and Dark. This Sewaddle has the Grass Cloak ability, which raises Defense while on grass terrain.

Litwick is weak to Ghost, Dark, Rock, Ground, and Water. Its move is Ember, which hits a target two tiles away, may burn, and does extra damage to Steel, Grass, Bug, and Ice. Its ability, Flame Body, may have contact attackers get burned.

So, what to do? We would definitely recommend getting Sneasel recruited; its stats are a bit low, so it may require training. Of course, if you don’t want Sneasel, have somebody Link up with Litwick. Do want you’re going for first, then beat the stuffings out of the others.

The next month – April, Year 5 – offers slimmer pickings. Do what you want with what you get. Here’s what we found. As usual, since we find the getting of them to be a bit pointless, we won’t cover the fights in detail.

– In Aurora, you’ll find Bidoof.

– In Fontaine, you’ll find Onix.

– In Violight, you’ll find Aron.

– In Greenleaf, you’ll find a special Tepig and Ekans.

– In Nixtorm, you’ll find Cottonee.

– In Viperia, you’ll find Starly.

– In Avia, you’ll find Ralts.

– In Illusio, you’ll find Onix, Rhyhorn, and Sandile.

– In Chrysalia, you’ll find a special Gurdurr.

– In Yaksha, you’ll find Riolu and Magikarp.

– In Valora, you’ll find Abra.

As before, pick what you want, though none seem to be helpful in oncoming efforts.

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