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Well, after all of the Pokémon games having post-credits stuff to do, you should have expected this to come! After beating Nobunaga and watching the credits roll, you’ll have many stories about the other characters to deal with. Some will unlock as you progress through the ones currently there; there are thirty-three in all, though a few are the same ones just from a different perspective.

Unlocking Conditions

There are literally hundreds of hours of entertainment contained within the side stories alone, mainly because of the sheer number, but also because of the sheer length. As well as the fact that you can’t play them all immediately. You’ll have to unlock some by playing others. Here, we’ve listed the unlocking conditions of all of the stories:

– Happily Ever After (Hideyoshi): Beat the main storyline

– The Burden of Peace (Ieyasu): Beat the main storyline

– The Way of the Warrior (Yukimura): Beat the main storyline

– The Joy of Battle (Kenshin): Beat the main storyline

– Pride and Precociousness (Ginchiyo): Beat the main storyline

– Tragic Determination (Mitsuhide): Beat the main storyline

– A Shroud of Darkness (Kotaro) : Beat the main storyline

– Not Worth Fighting Over … 1 (Mitsunari): Beat the main storyline

– Teaching Them a Lesson (Nene): Beat “Happily Ever After”

– The Reluctant Genius (Hanbei): Beat “Happily Ever After”

– The Unparalleled Warrior (Tadakatsu): Beat “The Burden of Peace”

– A Ninja amongst Ninjas (Hanzo): Beat “The Burden of Peace”

– Archenemies (Shingen): Beat “The Way of the Warrior”

– Time for Battle! (Kunoichi): Beat “The Way of the Warrior”

– The Road to Conquest (Nobunaga): Beat “The Way of the Warrior”

– Land of Love and Righteousness (Kanetsugu): Beat “The Joy of Battle”

– Love is a Battlefield (Aya): Beat “The Joy of Battle”

– The Final Gamble (Yoshihiro): Beat “Pride and Precociousness”

– Blowing in the Wind (Muneshige): Beat “Pride and Precociousness”

– Ransei’s Legendary Beauty (No): Beat “Tragic Determination”

– All Grown Up (Gracia): Beat “Tragic Determination”

– The Rebel (Motochika): Beat “A Shroud of Darkness”

– That Which He Holds Dear (Ujiyasu): Beat “A Shroud of Darkness”

– Not Worth Fighting Over … 2 (Kiyomasa): Beat “Not Worth Fighting Over…1”

– The Rose of Ransei (Oichi) : Beat “Not Worth Fighting Over…1”

– The Visonary’s Quest (Kanbei): Beat “The Reluctant Genius”

– Grace and Beauty (Ina): Beat “The Unparalleled Warrior”

– Pokémari and Me (Yoshimoto): Beat “Archenemies”

– The Dragon’s Dream (Masamune): Beat “Land of Love and Righteousness”

– Putting the Books Down (Magoichi): Beat “Blowing in the Wind”

– This One Goes out to My Fans (Magoichi): Beat “All Grown Up”

– Simply the Best (Kai): Beat “That Which He Holds Dear”

– Not Worth Fighting Over … 3 (Masanori): Beat “Not Worth Fighting Over…2”

– The Two Heroes of Ransei (Main Character): Beat all of the other stories

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