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Saints Row IV

7 Deadly Weapons

Jarrod Garripoli

The Seven Deadly Sins are special weapons in the world of Gat Out of Hell, as they all have a special property to them. Except for one, the rest of the weapons will require you to do something in order to unlock it for use.


Greed is represented by the Diamond Sting , which is probably the first Sins weapon available to you, since you could possibly get it from the beginning of the game. This weapon is found in the shop, but it costs a hefty 100,000 Wages to purchase it. The Diamond Sting’s special ability is to generate extra Wages for you when you kill enemies.


The Gallows Dodger is the weapon representing Pride and requires you to do the “Kill Dex” diversion. After some point near the beginning of the game, you will see Dex appear as a target nearby. Kill him and he’ll show up again later on. Do this a total of 7 times in order to unlock this weapon. Note that he’ll get a little more challenging each time after you kill him.

The Gallows Dodger’s special ability comes after you kill enough enemies to fill the meter below the target reticule. This activates Overkill Mode, which makes each shot fired from the weapon explosive and more powerful. While Overkill is activate, the meter will slowly drain, with the weapon returning to normal once it’s empty.


The Last Supper , Gluttony’s weapon, is acquired by visiting all three Tacos Malos locations and interacting with the drive-thru at each one. It’s best to wait until you hit level 15 and can purchase the Collectible Finder, which will pinpoint the location of each restaurant on your map. The Last Supper shoots frosting and once enough is on an enemy, they will end up on your side and start attack their own allies.


The Sloth weapon, Armchair-a-Geddon , is probably the first one you’ll actually acquire, as it’s just sitting in the open world for you to grab. After finishing up the mission where you get your four powers from the important figures in Hell, Dane will offer you a mission called “ Take a Break .“ The sole objective in this mission is to find the weapon and add it to your arsenal. This weapon has miniguns in each arm, as well as some rockets as its secondary fire.

The location of the Armchair-A-Geddon, the weapon representing the Sloth deadly sin.


Lust’s weapon, the Boom Chicka , is unlocked by opening all five chests of Blackbeard’s, which becomes available after getting the Summon super power near the beginning of the game. To open one of these chests, you will have to find three Glyphs that are hidden on walls in the area surrounding the chest.

It’s best to wait until you have the Collectible Finder after achieving level 15, as the locations of the Glyphs will be shown on the map. The Boom Chicka will basically stun enemies (make them fall in love, with hearts appearing above their heads), making them stop attacking you and very easy targets.


Envy’s weapon, Uriel’s Edge , requires you to convert the five Marshalling Ground in the game. To do that, convert all of the stones in the Ground, then an Archduke will appear on the bottom. Defeat it and walk into the central area on the bottom to convert the Marshalling Ground.

Once you’ve gotten all five, use one to teleport to a new spot that appears in the middle of the map, which is where Uriel’s Edge is located. This weapon, when the fire button is held down, will charge up and release an explosive fireball.


Wrath’s weapon, the Ark of the Covenant , will require you to kill at least 10 Archdukes. Once you’ve done that, Satan’s Top Agent has a chance to appear in place of the Archduke. Kill him to get the weapon. Its primary fire will shoot an explosive energy ball that splits into four smaller ones upon making contact with an enemy. Its secondary ability allows it to suck up the lesser enemies.

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