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Saints Row IV

Charge Halo

Jarrod Garripoli

This second mission is available after finishing the first, and is split into four parts in the Quests menu. Basically, you are going to each of the four powers that be in the underworld and learning a power from each of them. However, you will need to do something for them first before they teach you the new power.

Rally Blackbeard

When you get onto the ship, touch the wheel to officially start this portion of the mission, with Blackbeard asking for help against the little imps. Both Blackbeard’s health and the ship’s are shown on your screen and should either fall to zero (the ship is the priority), then you will fail.

Upon defeating the first wave of imps, Blackbeard points you in the direction of a container, which houses the Gods Hammer. This weapon, when used, causes a short shockwave from its point of impact, which can kill a few more imps than an ordinary gun. Once you’ve clear all of them, Blackbeard will give you the Summon power, with the first element being the very same imps you killed.

Killing the imps one by one can get tiresome, but the Gods Hammer’s shockwave can kill more of them, even those that are clinging to your body.

Rally Shakespeare

Shakespeare, ever the one that’s clever with his words, wants to test your mettle, so he sends some demons after you. At first, it will be a few ordinary ones, then it will be a Shadow Demon, who functions similar to a sniper, although it will teleport if you get too close. Beyond that will be a Dark Inciter, who has a shield around it, so keep firing to disable it and shoot the demon afterwards (the shield will come back). Your reward is the Stomp power, which should be familiar if you’ve played Saints Row IV.

Rally Vlad

Vlad is being tortured and will fall down, so you start off by having to revive him. Go up to his body and press the button shown to lift him up, then get to attacking the demons guarding the prison. There are regular demons, some flying ones and Shadow Demons. Kill them all, then go and shut off the music to rescue Vlad from the torture. He will bestow the Aura power upon you as your reward.

Rally The Twins

You meet up with the DeWynter twins, Viola and Kiki, who you are talking to before being rudely interrupted by some demons. Clear the ones inside of the garage, then go outside to find some more, including some flying ones. After that wave, there will be another, which has a Grenadier. These guys can be dangerous in the early game, as they have powerful weapons and you can’t get into melee range, or else you’ll be set on fire.

With those ones gone, there will be one last wave, which will include a Legionnaire. They are big ones and will continually come after you to try and hit you with a melee attack, or stomp the ground to send some fire your way. Defeat that and the rest of the enemies, and you will be rewarded with the Blast power.

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