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Saints Row IV

All Hands on Deck

Jarrod Garripoli

The mission will start with you meeting with everyone else at Kinzie’s warehouse, which you might remember as having visited it at the very beginning of the game. After some scenes, it seems that Zinyak has found out your position and storms the warehouse with a lot of troops. The only problem is that you won’t be able to use your powers, due to the Zin using suppression grenades.

The big room has nothing but normal Zin, as well as a few with shields. When you exit the building, you find a big welcoming party waiting for you, with more Zin, some tanks and even a Void spaceship. Your first priority should be the ship, then you can concentrate on thinning out some of the Zin before going after the tanks, which is your objective.

If you have a RPG, then use it on the tanks, but if not, there should be one or two unmarked tanks that you can get into to help destroy the others. Once you’ve done that, climb the nearby stairs and you’ll find a helicopter waiting for you on the roof. Get inside and use its rockets and minigun to destroy the rest of the tanks on the ground.

With the coast clear, the rest of your crew that didn’t join you in the helicopter will be driving some vehicles and it’s up to you to escort them. There will be plenty of alien vehicles coming after them, as well as roadblocks here and there that you’ll need to destroy. Also, at one point, you’ll have to scout ahead, which is basically a waypoint for you to go to. Not long after that, your helicopter will crash on top of a building and you’ll need to go inside it.

Destroy the cars going after the car, as well as any roadblocks so it can keep moving.

It just so happens that the building you enter is a Professor Genki one and you’ll have to participate in the game that starts. Man one of the turrets and gun down any Zin on the floor below, making sure you protect Kinzie during the first part. Eventually, the commentators will mention that you’ll need to fill up the Murder Meter, which is done by killing the Zin (which you’ve been doing).

It should be at this point some things will pop up that you can shoot to set off traps, like fire and electric barriers (similar to Gat’s Loyalty mission if you have done that). Just be careful that one thing you can hit towards the right side will electrify the area where you are. Once the meter is mostly filled, Genki himself will appear, so kill him and head to the prize room shortly after to appear on the streets in the Genki Mobile.

You’re not driving it, but you will be ordered to protect it from the Zin with a rocket launcher (infinite ammo). Some vehicles will be chasing and there will be roadblocks as well, so keep an eye out for those. Eventually, Zinyak will drop down and do some damage to you and your crew, which will prompt you to leave the simulation.

As it turns out, the Zin have invaded your ship and you’ll need to clear them out. They are all located on the lower level and all but one of the enemy will be normal Zin, with a Murderbot being inside of the middle area. When the coast is clear, you’ll be told to check out the bridge, where it seems that a Zin transport ship is pulling yours into the sun.

CID tells you that you should be more worried about the heat signatures in the cargo bay, so head there and clear out the room, which will be populated with more Zin. After clearing the room, you find out those heat signatures are really bombs, so grab both and go with Gat to the Zin ship.

Clear out the cargo bay of Zin, then pick up the two bombs that they planted in the room.

When you get on the Zin ship, you and Gat will get access to a new gun, the Lasergun Arm. This weapon is like a minigun, but with lasers. Fight your way through the Zin and Murderbots until you come to a room with a big, glowing object. As you both point out, this seems like the perfect place to plant the first bomb, so do just that.

For the second one, go up the stairs and to the end of the walkway, where you can plant that one. As soon as you start heading back to your ship, the first bomb goes off and you’ll now have around one minute before the second does, too. If your health is full, then it’s best to simply run by the Zin in your way back to your ship. At the airlock, a Zin will grab you, so mash the button on the screen and you’ll clear the mission.

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Completed All Hands On Deck, as if you needed another reason to want to perforate Zinyak.

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