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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Complete Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor

Matt Chard

While playing through Star Wars: Jedi Survivor you will come across rumors. These are the side quests of the game and can be obtained by talking to various people you come across throughout the galaxy. Investigate the Abandoned Shack is one of them, and you can get the quest by talking to a man in the stables at the Rambler’s Reach Outpost after you’ve completed the forest story section.

Investigate the Abandoned Shack is a Rumor that can be accepted at the stables.

Investigate the Abandoned Shack Location

Before you can complete this rumor, you’ll need access to a mount which you should have by now. The shack can be found in the Foothill Falls, accessed by following the path north from Pyloon’s Saloon. Proceed north until you reach an intersection and take the left path. Here, there’ll be a large gap for you to get across. Make sure you’re on your mount and jump across the gap while performing a second jump to reach the ledge, RIP mount.

(1 of 3) You can accept the quest by talking to the Prospector near the stables.

Interact with the nearby device to create a shortcut, then defeat the nearby enemies. Once you’ve dealt with them, head down the path opposite the shack to find a small cave with another mount inside. Before jumping on the mount, there is a treasure on a small ledge on the upper part of the cave. Wall-run around the cave to reach the ledge, and get your treasure.

Opposite the shack is a path that leads to a small cave. In here is a Nekko for you to mount. If you wall-run around the cave, you can find a treasure.

Drop onto the mount and head back to the shack. If you head inside, you’ll see a wall that needs to be destroyed. This is where the mount comes in handy. Ride the mount towards the wall behind the shack, and you’ll see a wall-runnable wall. Unfortunately, you’ll need the mount to reach the wall. Double-jump onto the wall using the mount and ride it to the left to reach the platform.

Now, swing across the poles, interact with the small device to the right to spawn an exploder ball, and run it towards the metallic platform leading towards the shack. Pick up the ball with Force: Pull, and throw it through the hole in the shack to destroy the wall.

(1 of 4) Ride the mount to the wall behind the shack, and double jump on the wall to wall-run onto the ledge.

Head back to the shack, go through the newly created entrance, and open the chest to get a healing stim, and complete the rumor. Although the rumor is done, you may want to recruit a droid who is in the basement of the house which can be reached by dropping into it via its entrance on the outside of the shack, near where the raiders were which is covered by a movable grate. Move the grate with Force: Pull, and drop to discover an enemy in front of you.

(1 of 2) Move away the metal grate covering the basement door, and defeat the nearby enemy below.

Move away the metal grate covering the basement door, and defeat the nearby enemy below. (left), Head into the next room to find T-1N8 and speak to them to recruit them for another reward. (right)

Defeat them, scan the Sense Echo, then head into the next room to find the droid who goes by T-1N8. Finally, speak to them to recruit them, and they’ll let you loot their house in town later for a Duelist Jacket. There is a cave in the same room hidden behind a piece of metal which reveals a narrow gap behind it, but you most likely won’t have the required powers to progress it, although you can get the Meditation Point for later.

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