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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Using the Mysterious Keycode on Koboh

Ben Chard

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor opens up a lot once you reach Koboh, and especially even more once you fully unlock Rambler’s Reach Outpost as a hub for the rest of the game. You’ll know you’ve done this once the map is marked with the Stables and Doma’s shop, and it’s at this point you can gain access to the Mysterious Keycode. This page will detail what it is and how you can use it.

You can purchase the Mysterious Keycode at Doma’s Shop on Koboh.

Where to Find the Mysterious Keycode

This Mysterious Keycode is actually easier to find than you may expect. You may remember that you saved Turgle from the raiders, and were introduced to Doma at the same time, who hinted about her shop may be open in the near future. Once you’re tasked to Open the Forest Gate as part of the main story, you’ll be able to enter Doma’s shop, which is located just outside of Pyloon’s Saloon.

Once inside, speak with Doma to learn a little more about what she does, then access her wares. You should see the Mysterious Keycode immediately, and that it will cost you 10 Priorite Shards if you wish to obtain it. You should have more than enough of these already if you’ve been thoroughly exploring but if not, head out to the various nearby sub-regions and track down the Treasures, these are all Priorite Shards.

The final question you may ask yourself is if this is worth the investment of 10 Priorite Shards considering she also sell some useful cosmetics and music for the Saloon. The answer is an unequivocally yes, and you can learn where to use it just below.

(1 of 2) You can use the Mysterious Keycode on the door in Doma’s shop

You can use the Mysterious Keycode on the door in Doma’s shop (left), inside you’ll find a chest with another Stim for you to collect. (right)

Where to Use the Mysterious Keycode

So now you have the Keycode, you may be wondering where it is that you use it. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to make use of it, as the door in the very same shop that is locked is the one you’re looking for. With the Mysterious Keycode in your possession, you can now use BD-1 to Slice the door and allow you to gain access, this will use the Mysterious Keycode in the process.

Head inside and you’ll spot the large chest begging to be opened at the back, head on over and open it to discover another Stim adding to your maximum you can hold. If you’re obtaining this as soon as possible, this could allow you to hold four Stims provided you didn’t miss the one back on Coruscant. If you’ve yet to defeat the Rancor, this added Stim may give you the extra healing you need to survive!

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