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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Get Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Craig Robinson

Crossguard is the final stance you can unlock in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you fancy that slow, yet heavy burst damage, which deletes enemy stamina in the process, then, you’ll want to use the Crossguard stance. However, this unlocks considerable distance into the campaign, so here is everything you need to know about the Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Here is how to get the Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and tips on using it effectively.

How to get Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

You get this weapon once you complete the Koboh moon mission. This is a considerable way into the campaign, which may take longer to get, depending on your choice in the game. Once you visit Jedha, and unlock the Blaster stance, you get two main story missions. One of them is to return to Koboh, and another is to investigate a moon around Koboh that you sent a laser beam to in the Forest Array Temple.

Once you arrive on the moon, you can then complete this mission and get the item you need for the outpost on Jedha. It’s a relatively short mission and planet compared to what you’ve been through so far, probably a similar length and size to Coruscant.

As you reach the end of the level, and fight the boss on it, you will defeat it, and claim the Crossguard Stance from its corpse. Doing so will force you to play with the Crossguard stance, taking on a few droids as you make your way to the exit point of the mission. Once that’s done, you will have unlocked the Crossguard Stance in Star Wars, Jedi Survivor.

Tips on how to use the Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

This weapon is one of the most defensive weapons in the game. With this weapon, you’ll find your stamina bar is very large, allowing you to use your block much more effectively to counterattack and riposte your foes. This is going to be the key to using this weapon effectively.

You want to use your stamina much more with this weapon because of the fast attack melee forces can give you. If you try to wing your attack, this weapon doesn’t have a built-in button to cancel the attack, unlike the Dual Wield stance. So, you need to make sure you time your strikes effectively, thanks to the slowness of this weapon, hence why blocking and counter-attacking is very important.

In addition, this weapon has skills that allow it to do decent cleave attacks when you upgrade it. This means that if you want a weapon, you can switch to for AOE type of attack, then, this is a great choice, especially if you’re no longer interested in using your special on the double-ended lightsaber.

Our final tip for the Crossguard Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, is that this weapon pairs very well with more offensive-based weapons. If you’re using either the Dual Wield, Single or even the Blaster as your main weapon, then something as sturdy as this makes a solid second-choice option to run with your build.

If you want more information, such as the best Crossguard perks in Star Wars Jedi Surivor, then check out this link!

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