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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perk Locations, Descriptions, Cost

Craig Robinson

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has a small perk system, which grants passive bonuses to your character. Plenty throughout the gamer offer a variety of passive buffs to playstyle and build varieties, offering each player a choice in what they want to use. As you play through the game, you will find many perks that you can get your hands in many different ways. The result is that you will be hunting down lots of perks in the game, through various means. To help you identify which Star Wars Jedi Survivor perks you want, we will be making a table, featuring their descriptions and locations.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perk Descriptions & Locations

(1 of 2) You can buy your fourth perk slot, and many other perks in Jedi Survivor by trading Datadiscs to Zee when you unlock her in the Pyloon Saloon.

You can buy your fourth perk slot, and many other perks in Jedi Survivor by trading Datadiscs to Zee when you unlock her in the Pyloon Saloon. (left), You will find plenty of Star Wars Jedi Survivor perks near Jedi Upgrade locations around hidden spots, after story battles, or via the shop. (right)

Below you will find a table of all Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perk Locations and descriptions for each one. That way, you can work out which ones you want to collect and focus your investigation to enhance your build.

Jedi Survivor Perk Description Slots Location
Ambidexterity Shoot enemies with your Blaster in Blaster Stance to increase the damage you deal with the lightsaber in this stance. 3 Hidden in a small, hidden area in the Stone Spires region of Koboh. Use the bird at the Great Courtyard, and look for the Force tear on one of the ledges. Below that is another area you can take another bird, and then use the mining lazer to clear a path of the Koboh vines and dust to get this perk.
Centered Stagger enemies around you while you’re healing. It also allows you to take an additional hit and not be interrupted. 2 Beat the main story-related boss on the moon to earn this award.
Dexterity Lightsaber-throwing skills deal more damage. 2 Found inside the Chamber of Reason on Koboh. This is a Rumour location you get from Tou near Basalt Forest.
Elixir Healing stims also fill a small amount of super meter. 2 Zee (vendor in the Pyloon Saloon)
Equilibrium Using a force power increases the damage of your next lightsaber attack 3 Zee (vendor in the Pyloon Saloon)
Fellowship Allows BD-1 to carry an extra Stim charge 4 Earned by clearing the Chamber of Clarity in Koboh’s in the Untamed Downs, ear the Fort Kah’lin raider base.
Flux Regenerate a small amount of Force over time, but max force is reduced. 1 Zee (vendor in the Pyloon Saloon)
Fortification Increase HP regeneration, capped to a certain point before you need to use a Stim. 3 Near the Forest Array on Koboh. Take a detour near the gunner and slid through a crack int eh surface and cross the gap. You may need to come here once you have unlocked the air dash movement skill.
Fortitude Increases lightsaber damage, but increases all incoming damage too. (Think Glass Cannon) 4 After defeating the Vile Bilemaw in the Fogged Expanse region of Koboh. The lair is near the cliff, where you can find all the roller bomb droids. Drop down near the cliff and look for a ledge that leads to a lair.
Gambler Increases the XP you earn, but you can no longer restore your XP bar after dying. 4 Awarded after beating the Sutaban Alpha, a legendary creature in the Crypt of Uhrma on Jedha.
Marksmanship Your Blaster stance shots deal more damage. 3 On the roof of the Great Courtyard’s Manse in Koboh’s Stone Spire region.
Patience Activating the Slow Time ultimate skill restores some HP. 3 Chamber of Detachment on Koboh. You need to have unlocked the air dash ability from the Jedha main storyline to access this location. Dash through the double green barriers in the Mountain Ascent subregion on Koboh.
Perplexity Increases the damage dealt by enemies under the effect of confusion force spells. 2 Ride the elevator after the main story mission boss fight in the Mountain Observatory on Koboh.
Persistence Each enemy you kill while Slow Time is active (special power) replenishes a very small amount of HP. 2 Awarded by completing the Chamber of Fortitude (Koboh) located in the Southern Reach. You will need access to the Force Lift spell, which you get after the Lucrehulk mission. Look for a building with a dome you can lift to access this location.
Precision Lowers the time you can parry an opponent’s attack, but, greatly increases the stamina bar drain on the parried enemy. 2 Stone Spires on Koboh. You will naturally visit this location halfway through the Research Tanalorr on Koboh mission. When you reach the third puzzle, you must melt some vines to solve the platforming puzzle. You can also destroy some more vines on the back wall and then a secret cove to acquire this perk using the Koboh Grinder for BD-1.
Recuperation Increases the maximum capacity regeneration on the Force meter. 3 Inside the Chamber of Concentration in the Viscid Bog on Koboh. You need to go through the Gorge crashite, and use your force powers you unlock during the Lucrehulk level to reach this point.
Resilience Increase your maximum block meter value 1 Inside the Chamber of Duality (Koboh). This is where you meet Zee in the main story. You then get Zee as a trader to buy perks from her using Data Disks.
Shatter Attacks are more effective at breaking an enemies guard 2 Inside Soddon Grotto (Koboh), which is located to the east of Rambler’s Ranch, near the rumor location for the missing Prospectors.
Steadfast Absorb one hit without being interrupted while you’re sprinting 1 Zee (vendor in the Pyloon Saloon)
Unflinching Perk Allows you to take one hit without being interrupted while Charging a heavy shot in Blaster Stance 1 Near the Golden Skriton legendary creature lair, which is in the Desert Ridge region near the Anchorite base on Jedha.
Versatility Deal Extra damage temporarily after switching lightsaber stances. 3 Zee (vendor in the Pyloon Saloon)
Wisdom Gain more experience when you defeat enemies 3 Zee (vendor in the Pyloon Saloon)

If you need help tracking down the legendary creatures that award perks, then you can visit our all legendary creature locations in Jedi Survivor for more help!

And there you have it, these are all the collectable Star Wars Jedi Survivor perks, featuring their descriptions, perk slots, and locations. However, there are several more Jedi survivor perks you can get, which comes from the New Journey+ feature.

New Journey + Perks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

When you unlock the New Journey Plus Feature, you will get a few more perks you can enable at your leisure. These are mainly designed to assist players with getting a more fresh take on their new journey, rather than playing through the exact same flights and encounters in the same order

  • Purity - Adds a massive damage boost to all sources of damage, both from Cal, and his enemies.
  • Trendsetter - Randomizes all cosmetic appearances on your character when you die.
  • Warrior - Enables mid and late-game enemy types to spawn earlier in the storyline. IE, you may encounter Purge Troopers or Doidakas much earlier in Koboh or Coruscant, for example.

As you can see, these Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perks are all banterous, and add some extra difficulty or some added spiciness to freshen up your experience playing through the game. Moreso, this won’t cost anything, so you can turn these on as and when you like to freshen the gameplay experience up once again.

And with that said, we have now concluded the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perk Locations, Descriptions, and costs. Good luck hunting for those perks complimenting your build to the fullest!

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