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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to Defeat the Rancor in Koboh - Jedi Survivor

Scott Peers

The first Legendary Enemy that you’re likely to encounter in Jedi Survivor is a Rancor that can be found in a priorite mine on the world of Koboh. This is the second world that you reach during the story, but you’ll need to find the Ramblers Reach Outpost meditation point before you can find the Rancor. We’ll show you how to reach and how to beat the Rancor on this page.

The Legendary Rancor in the mines of Koboh, Jedi Survivor.

How to Start the Rumor: Find Missing Prospectors in Koboh

Find the Ramblers Reach Outpost Meditation Point

The first thing you need to do to find the Rancor Legendary Enemy in Koboh is reach the Ramblers Reach Outpost meditation point in. You can see the location of this in the screenshot below, and the location of the priorite mine where the Rancor dwells in relation to it. After resting at the meditation point, you can speak to the nearby prospector who will tell you that a group of miners have gone missing down the mine, and she asks you to have a look for them.

As you make your way through the mine you’ll encounter a few creatures such as Bramliks, who like the hide in the dark before hitting you unexpectedly. Use your lightsabers to bring a little light to the darker areas of the mine so that you can see them first. You’ll also encounter some obstacles that you’ll need to either destroy with Force Push or just by hitting them with your lightsaber. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you’ll find the Sodden Grotto meditation point, and this is located just before the fight with the Rancor. Be sure to meditate at this point to recover your health and stims, and spend any skill points if you have them.

(1 of 3) The location of the Ramblers Reach meditation point, and the nearby mine where the rumor starts.

How to Defeat the Legendary Rancor At the Sodden Grotto in Koboh

Dodge, Don’t Parry or Block

The most important thing to note first of all is that you won’t be able to block or parry any of the attacks from the Rancor: it’s just too powerful and even if your parry mitigates some damage, you’ll still take a decent amount. Instead, you’ll have to rely on dodging or running out of the way before retaliating with your own attacks. The best way to inflict damage to the Rancor is to wait for it to attack you first, usually by charging your position, dodge out of the way and then immediately retaliate with a few swift strikes. You can use a flurry of regular strikes easily enough, or if you prefer you can use a more powerful force strike so long as your stance allows for it.

We’d recommend using swift flurries of regular strikes rather than the more powerful force strikes. This is because the Rancor can kill you in just one or two hits, so you need to make sure that you’re mobile enough to avoid its attacks whenever they occur. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a heavy attack animation as the Rancor’s hit comes crashing down.

If you’re about to be hit in melee range from the Rancor, keep in mind that most of its attacks occur twice in a row, so you’ll need to dodge twice quickly to avoid both attacks.

Best Stance: Single or Dual Wield

In terms of attack stances, you’ll be better off using the Single blade stance or the Dual Wield stance. The former will allow you to inflict more damage per hit, while the latter ensures that you can get more hits in a short space of time, since it provides much greater attack speed. Either way, the key here is to not get too greedy when you’re attacking the Rancor. Get a few hits in just after it executes one of its own attacks, then back off and wait for it to attack again. The further away you stand from the Rancor, the more likely it is to charge you with a red attack. If you get caught by this, the Rancor will actually eat you and there will be no escape, so it’s essential that you dodge out of the way from these.

The other red attack that the Rancor will sometimes use is a ground slam. This will inflict significant damage and knock you down, but it can be easily avoided by jumping over the shockwave, or running far enough away from the Rancor so that it doesn’t hit you at all. You can try to jump over the shockwave and then immediately attack the Rancor to get in some free hits before it recovers. If you stay too close to the Rancor while you’re hitting it, it will almost always try to stomp you multiple times. For this reason it’s important that you dodge out of the way after getting in a few hits.

(1 of 3) You can jump over the shockwave attack, or just run away from it if there’s enough space.

So long as you remain patient with your attacks as you wait for the Rancor to attack first before retaliating, this shouldn’t be too much of a tough fight. The key is to properly learn the attack moves from the Rancor so that you know what to expect, never attack until after it attacks you first, and dodge out of the way after hitting just a few times. If you get too greedy by maintaining melee attacks, it’ll likely result in you being stomped to death. Once you get the Rancor down to 5% - 10% health, an animation will take over as you finish the kill, so don’t be afraid to dedicate to those last few strikes rather than risk another attack by stepping away at this point.

You can check the video below to see some of the process mentioned above in action:

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