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Cleaning Up the Mushroom Kingdom

Jarrod Garripoli

Alright, you’ve done quite a lot in the Mushroom Kingdom and for the purposes of the guide, this will be on a separate page, since there’s not really any main missions in this kingdom like in the others. The last thing you did was the giant 8-bit mural inside of the big well, so this section will be starting from there. South-southeast from the well should have two purple coins in view on top of the tree, so head in that direction. Once you grab those (66) , continue looking in the same direction to spy three more coins on top of a small tower. If you can’t get on it from jumping, then there is a mushroom at the base that acts as a trampoline, making it easier to acquire them (69) .

See the road that is cut off to your southwest? Get on the road and take it to the edge of the map, where you’ll find three more purple coins over the edge (72) . Not too much farther to the southwest will be another three purple coins by a tree (75) and beyond that is a Toad standing inside of a circular, shallow pit. If you recall way back in the Sand Kingdom, there is a Tostarean who lost some sheep and you’ve already seen some sheep while wandering around. Ignore the Toad for now and look to the southeast to find three purple coins at the end of a stream, right before it drops into the body of water below it (78) .

Near that area is a tree with what seems like a raccoon tail sticking out of it. Throw your hat at it and hold Y to keep it on the end of the tail to make a moon appear (Pops Out of the Tail) . On the other side of the stream is a yellow mushroom with red dots, and you can jump on this mushroom to reach three purple coins floating in the air (81) . Follow the stream to the east and as it goes northeast, it will pass underneath a small bridge, where four purple coins will be hiding (85) . While you’re in the vicinity and because it was forgotten earlier, get on top of the shop’s building to find Captain Toad, who will hand over a Power Moon by speaking to him (Forever Onward, Captain Toad!) .

Travel to the tower with the door to the northeast, looking for the dirt path that wraps around it, where you’ll find three purple coins (88) . Since you’re close to the garden, pay it another visit and grab the four moons that should have fully grown by now: (Gardening for Toad: Garden Seed) , (Gardening for Toad: Field Seed) , (Gardening for Toad: Pasture Seed) , and (Gardening for Toad: Lake Seed) . Return to the castle’s moat and look underneath the bridge to spot three purple coins, which are in the air. If you still have it drained, then you can jump off of the side to reach them; otherwise, swim in the moat to easily grab them (91) . On the road leading to the castle’s front gate are three more purple coins just sitting out in the open (94) .

Yoshis Adventure

Outside of a few odds and ends, you are getting closer to finishing up the Mushroom Kingdom. If the moat is filled, go ahead and drain it again, as you will be needing it empty soon enough. As you take the stairs out of the drained moat, you should happen upon another scarecrow. This one will conjure up some stairs that lead to the roof of the castle, so quickly ascend them before they disappear. While on the roof, look on the northern edge for three purple coins (97) . On top of one of the big corner spires sits a Power Moon, but it’s a bit too high to reach normally, unless you’ve been practicing your mid-air hat jumps. Another way to get to it is by using an old friend of Mario’s.

On the flatter part of the roof, near that moon, is a familiar egg, so strike it with Cappy to reveal Yoshi. You don’t ride Yoshi in this game, but rather capture him like any other enemy/object. While controlling Yoshi, spit out his tongue by using X/Y and you can jump with B/A. Note that while jumping, you can hold B/A to perform Yoshi’s iconic flutter jump. With this little bit of knowledge, jump off the raised section of the roof and onto the central tower. From here, you can jump over to the spire with the moon and either grab it from the jump, or stick Yoshi’s tongue to the pole to propel yourself to the top, making it easy to snatch the Power Moon (Perched on the Castle Roof) .

Yoshis Appetite

Do not jump off of the roof yet and make sure you stay in control of Yoshi, as he has a few more uses left. As you made your way across the Mushroom Kingdom, you undoubtedly ran into fruits, which just so happens to be a favorite of Yoshi’s. Eating these fruits with Yoshi will fill up a meter next to his head, which when full, will produce a Power Moon. There are three moons you can get from the fruits, which means you have to find a lot of them. For starters, there are three fruits on top of one of the large corner spires, so use the previous trick by jumping from the central tower to reach them.

Drop down to the ground below, avoiding the water if the moat is still filled. You will find eight pieces of fruit around the edge of the moat, two on either side of the female Goomba, two by the front gate and another two on one side, all of which should be enough to give you your first moon (Gobbling Fruit with Yoshi) . With the moat drained, you should find a pipe at the bottom of one of the walls, but it has a fruit stuck in it. Just grab the fruit for now and return to the upper ground. The majority of the remaining fruit will be found in the Goomba Woods, so head on over in that direction.

Three will be in the air behind the large tower, another two by a tree near the large vine and rest are all in visible spots. For the ones above a tree, you will need to use the bouncing mushrooms to reach them. One in particular is a pain in the butt to get to, since you need to bounce off of a mushroom and flutter jump to the top of the tree, then eat the fruits while up there. Once everything is over, you should have received the second moon (Yoshi’s Second Helping!) and be pretty much one fruit from getting the third moon. The last fruit is another one stuck in a pipe, but this one is located in a tunnel at the end of the stream that’s by the shop. Snatch the fruit from the pipe and you have your final moon with Yoshi (Yoshi’s All Filled Up!) .

Yoshi in the Clouds

The pipe in the moat contains a boss rematch, so ignore that for now and enter the pipe straight ahead of you to come to a sub-area with more Yoshi eating goodness. There are two gaps in this little area, one leading to more platforms and the other having two pieces of fruit. Capture Yoshi and grab the two fruits, then peer off into the cloudy section in that direction. If you look close enough, you should be able to spot something yellow sticking out a little bit from the clouds. This is the sub-area’s hidden moon, so make note of it for now. Head in the other direction and use the two see-saws to reach the towers in the distance.

Watch out for the Micro Goombas and it’s time for some walljumping. As Yoshi, you can stick to walls (or pretty much any object) by striking it with your tongue. You can jump off of the wall, but you don’t have access to a flutter jump. As soon as you jump off the one wall, stick out your tongue and you will find that Yoshi will have gained some height. Do this back and forth between the two towers to get to the top and find two more fruits. Drop back down and jump to the one blue platform, which will likely trigger the eels to pop up from the clouds in between the blue platforms.

Normally, you wouldn’t need to bother with the eels, but if you look right above where they stop moving, you will see a fruit. It may seem like getting them will be quite difficult, but if you stand on the edge, flutter jump and stick your tongue out, you will be able to reach the fruits. Grab the two above the eels, then head to the elevator in the corner to bring yourself to the pillars there, where there will be two more fruits on top of the green one. From here, you can jump to the see-saw below, then the one beyond that, where the last two fruits are, netting you another moon (Yoshi’s Feast in the Sea of Clouds) . While on the same see-saw, drop off the end to find a hidden area underneath the clouds, where you can snatch that Power Moon you might have seen earlier (Sunken Star in the Sea of Clouds) . Return to the pipe to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Herding Sheep

It’s finally time to tackle the lost sheep problem that has been plaguing this land, although it’s not that serious and you’re only in it for a moon. Looking at your map, you should be just north of the shop and the Toad with the corral is located just northwest of the small body of water in the southwest corner. Talking to him reveals there are six lost sheep and the first one will be really close. In fact, it’s just southeast of the corral, so get behind it and lure it back. The second sheep can be found by the painting that’s near the Odyssey.

For the third one, head north from the corral and return to the big well that led to the big 8-bit mural; the sheep will be right next to it. Warp to Goomba Woods now and locate the giant pillar nearby, the one with a tower on it. The next sheep will be behind it and it’s better to head south from here to get back to the corral, up the little hill near the edge of the map. Return to Goomba Woods after bringing the fourth sheep back and head east-southeast to find the fifth one by the rocket that brought you to the picture match mini-game. The sixth, and final, sheep is not that far northeast of the shop and once you get all six in the corral, you will receive your Power Moon (Herding Sheep at Peach’s Castle) .

Koopa Racing

On the shore of the lake in the southwest corner of the map, there is a Koopa Troopa wearing a hat standing next to a leaderboard. Speaking with him reveals that he is part of the Roving Racers, who go around and race in every kingdom. Each race will be divided into two actual races, a Regular Cup and a Master Cup, with the latter being the harder of the two. The goal is shown in the overview and it’s your objective to get to the goal before any of the other racers. Note that you can do whatever you want and there is no set path to reach the goal, so you are free to use whatever route necessary.

For the Mushroom Kingdom races, the goal is right in front of the castle and the easiest route to take is the hill to your east, then follow it north. This path is ideal, as you can use the speed-boosting flowers to quickly finish the race in like 15-20 seconds, which is more than enough time to do both races without any trouble. For finishing both races, you will get two moons, (Mushroom Kingdom Regular Cup) and (Mushroom Kingdom Master Cup) . Doing the race again will only reward you with 50 coins.

Boss Deja Vu

Before entering the castle, or rather speaking with the Toad right outside of it like you’re supposed to, there’s one more thing to do. As you might have noticed, you haven’t been told to go inside those red towers splattered throughout the kingdom. Each one leads to a large painting, depicting a boss you fought in a previous kingdom. There’s only four on the map, but there are two additional rematches that are accessible by other means. For starters, the last thing you did was the Koopa races, so you should be close to the tower in the southern part of the map.

Enter it to find a painting of Cookatiel , the boss you fought in Luncheon Kingdom, so jump into the painting to start the rematch. It should be noted that all of these rematches will be pretty much the same as the initial version, but there will be an additional obstacle or other thing added to the battle to make it a little more of a challenge. In the case of Cookatiel, you have three Moonsnakes in the pot, making it more difficult to move around without hitting something. Other than that, the battle will still pan out the same way as before and for dealing the death blow, you will receive a Multi Moon (Blowup at Mount Volbono: Rematch) .

The next fight will occur by head through the pipe in the water where the Dorrie is sitting, bringing you to a painting of Mollusque-Lanceur , the boss you fought in Seaside Kingdom. Lanceur, himself, doesn’t do anything different and once you enter the arena, you will see the additional challenge. There is no actual ground beneath you, as it is nothing but clouds, so you won’t be able to land. Luckily, since it is raining, you do not have to worry about replenishing your water supply for the Gushen. Since you don’t need to do that, the battle can be somewhat easier, as you can just keep going. Upon defeating Lanceur, you will gain another Multi Moon (Battle in Bubblaine: Rematch) .

Looking at your map, find the location of Talkatoo, which is a little northwest of the Odyssey and northwest of there is the next boss rematch. This time, you will be refighting Knucklotec and the only difference from last time is that Chinchos (the mummies) will continuously spawn throughout the whole battle. Since you can’t predict where they will spawn, it will take a bit of quick thinking to avoid them sometimes. One useful you can use for the second/third phases is to stand on the lip on the edge of the arena for when Knucklotec pounds the ground and drops ice blocks. It might be a good idea to get a Life-Up Heart from the shop, so you’ll have six health during the fight. Dealing the final blow will net you another Multi Moon (Tussle in Tostarena: Rematch) .

Travel to the next tower that is southeast of the garden, where you will be facing Mechawiggler …or rather, two of them or so it seems! As soon as the battle begins, capture a Sherm, as the Mechwigglers will do the attack where they’re invincible. When they stop doing that and go on the side of the building, it appears they will connect as one, as you need to hit all of the bulbs in order to trigger the phase where you can damage the boss. Also, it appears the orbs that Mechwiggler launches will split into more orbs if you leave them alone. Once you damage the boss twice, then you will gain another Multi Moon (Dust-Up in New Donk City: Rematch) .

That’s four bosses down and two more to go, so head for the last actual tower in Goomba Woods. If you didn’t grow the large vine earlier, look for the big nut close to the flag. Torkdrift will be your opponent here and it’s probably the easiest rematch. The only extra thing here are stacks of shockwave devices towards the edge of the arena, which will all trigger when Torkdrift sends out its own shockwaves after damaging him. It will also shoot these when you’re trying to break the blocks. Note that the outer shockwaves only reach so far, while Torkdrift’s will go throughout the whole arena. You will receive another Multi Moon after finishing the battle (Struggle in Steam Gardens: Rematch) .

The final rematch is located inside of the pipe that’s in the moat surrounding the castle. It is initially blocked by a fruit, so you need Yoshi to eat it and in order to do that, the moat needs to be drained. The rematch for the final time will be against the Lord of Lightning , from the Ruined Kingdom. The first thing you will notice is that the ground is now ice, meaning that Mario will slide around while running. Also, the lightning that runs along the ground when the dragon slams his head will not be flat, but will also have oscillations, so you won’t need to jump all the time. Once you pull out the last pin and butt stomp his head for the third time, you will acquire another Multi Moon (Rumble in Crumbleden: Rematch) .

Princess Peachs Castle

You are finally finished with all of the boss rematches, as well as all of the content outside of the castle (except one). Head to the bridge before the front door and talk to the Toad there to learn that Princess Peach has gone missing again, of her own accord this time. You’ll be meeting her a bunch of times soon, so head inside the castle for now. Some sights might be a little familiar, like the sun marker on the ground. Stand in the middle of it and press the right stick in to enter first-person mode, then look straight up into the light long enough to spawn a Power Moon (Light from the Ceiling) .

There’s one other normal moon you can get here, which involves some raised tiles on the floor. If you pan your camera close to the floor and go to the left side of the stairs, you should notice that one of the white tiles is raised a little bit. Ground pound it to make a number appear, meaning this is the first of many. The second is a black tile to the right of the first, and the third will be another white to the right of the throne. Head back downstairs and check for a black tile in front of the art piece on the right side for the fourth. The fifth will be to the left of the sun on the floor in front, the sixth will be to the left of the throne, the seventh adjacent to the main stairs on the right side, and the eighth will be in front of the throne, to the right. Hitting the last one will make a Power Moon appear (Loose-Tile Crackdown) .

Grab the final three purple coins behind the throne (100) , then speak with Toadette in front of it. Speak with here to find out that she’s been tracking your progress as you traveled the world. As it turns out, she even has Power Moons to reward you for the achievements you’ve done. There are a lot of achievements and you can check out the details by opening your moon list for the Mushroom Kingdom (they are labeled 44-104 and have a Toadette stamp to the right). You can’t have fulfilled all of them yet, but you might have gotten plenty of them based on your actions thus far. Just keep speaking to Toadette to gain the moons. Before leaving the castle, make sure you look at that art piece on the ground floor.

Blast from the Past

You have all of the purple coins in the Mushroom Kingdom, so head to the shop and get all of the goodies there, making sure you equip both pieces of the Mario 64 outfit (nice throwback!). Remember that locked door on the stone ledge overlooking Goomba Woods? Well, go ahead and talk to the Toad in front of the door with the Mario 64 outfit to unlock it, leading you to a familiar location. You are in the courtyard from Super Mario 64, complete with the same look. There are a bunch of chests here, but before touching them, hang your hat on the star in the middle of the room, holding it there until a Power Moon pops out (Totally Classic!) .

The chests here might seem familiar and if you guessed that you need to open them in a certain order, then you are correct. If you don’t open them in the right order, Chinchos will spawn and you’ll have to get rid of them all before the chests appear again (it will show you the correct order). It’s a bit difficult to describe the exact locations, but start by having your back to the door you came in. There are two chests on the lower level and another six on the level where the door is located. With your back to the door, the first chest to open is in the middle on the right side, then go to the top left on the left side.

From there, open the top right on the right side, bottom left on the left side, bottom right on the right side, then the middle on the left side. That leaves the two chests on the lower level, one on the right side and the other on the left. Open the right chest first and the left one will be the final chest, spawning the Power Moon for you (Courtyard Chest Trap) . That will be the final moon you can get from the Mushroom Kingdom right now, so it’s time to move on.

The majority of the post-game Power Moons will require you to revisit each kingdom in the game. Remember those white, mysterious cubes that you likely saw in each kingdom? Those are moon rocks and breaking them open will scatter more moons across their respective kingdom. Outside of those, there are a few others in each kingdom that unlocked upon beating the main story, plus there are two new places that unlock when you get a cumulative total of 250 and 500 moons. You should have already gotten Cappy to mention the Dark Side of the Moon upon landing on Mushroom Kingdom. If he didn’t, then go to the kingdom selection screen and leave, which should trigger it. Your next stop is the Dark Side of the Moon.

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