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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Claymorton Mushroom Castle Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Claymorton is one of the bosses you’ll have to encounter in the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG. This page will offer all the details you need on how to beat Claymorton, including information on his attacks, weaknesses, and stats, as well as advice on how to beat the endless hordes of Bodyguards!

Claymorton has taken over the Mushroom Castle and it’s up to you to stop him!

How to Defeat Claymorton Mushroom Castle

After defeating the Croco Boss in Bandit’s Way, you’ll return to the Mushroom Kingdom to find that a bunch of Shymores have taken over! You’ll need to make your way to the Mushroom Castle and there you’ll be faced with the Claymorton boss and all of his Bodyguards (Shymores).

When you fight Claymorton, he’ll also start the fight with four Bodyguards. They have a ranged fireball Special Attack called Hot Shot, and will also jump on your characters’ heads. You don’t particularly want to focus on the Bodyguards, as they can be dealt with as collateral damage.

Claymorton - Attacks and Special Abilities

Claymorton also has a few special attacks of his own. Below you can find Claymorton’s attacks and special abilities:

Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Flame Special Attack A targeted flame ball attack that can be blocked.
Flame Wall Special Attack A huge flaming attack that will target the whole party and is unblockable.

Since Claymorton has an unblockable attack, it’s best to prepare for this fight by bringing in some healing items like Mushrooms, as well as some Honey Syrups to replenish FP. For healing, Mario is going to serve as your support for this fight, whilst Mallow does all the work!

(1 of 2) Claymorton has two attacks: one unblockable Flame Wall attack

Claymorton has two attacks: one unblockable Flame Wall attack (left), and a second targeted flame ball attack that can be blocked. (right)

Claymorton - Stats and Weaknesses

So why is Mallow the leading man in this fight? Well, it’s all about Claymorton’s weakness to lightning, as observed below.

HP Weaknesses Resistances
480 Lightning None

Mallow has a special ability called Thunderbolt which will not only do lightning damage to deal extra damage to Claymorton, but it will also deal damage to every other Bodyguard enemy and one-shot them if you hit the timed attack. Since Mallow is the MVP of this boss battle, you’re gonna wanna use Mario’s turns to keep Mallow healthy and make sure you have enough FP to perform Thunderbolt (2 FP cost). Claymorton will also keep spawning in Bodyguards, so having Mallow alive to perform the AoE Thunderbolt attack is really crucial.

Mallow is the MVP of this battle and you’ll need to do everything in your power to keep those Thunderbolts coming!

After you’ve whittled his health down to around 50%, Claymorton will leave the battlefield temporarily. All you’ll need to do to get him to come back is clear out the Bodyguards he leaves behind. Again, Mallow’s Thunderbolt attack is an effective way to do this, and if you’re feeling confident you could also throw in a few Mario punches here and there too! Just make sure your top priority is getting those Thunderbolt attacks out and you’ll be finishing up this fight in no time.


Claymorton - Rewards

As a reward for fighting Claymorton, you’ll get 20 Coins, 24 EXP, and the first Star Piece! This is the first of seven stars that you’ll have to collect.

For defeating Claymorton, you’ll get the first Star of the game!

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