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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Hidden Treasures & Secrets: Sea - Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

During your inevitably brief stay in Seaside Town you’ll talk to the town elder to learn about a star that crashed into the ocean… the watery demesne of one pirate captain Johnathan “"Johnny" iconJohnny” Jones! In order to reach the knave’s lair we’ll need to pass through the adjacent sea and caves to reach the [Sunken Ship] dungeon. This page will provide a walkthrough for the Sea area in Super Mario RPG, including all treasures and secrets!

In the Sea area you’ll find a merchant who will sell new wares.

Sea - First Areas - Sea Merchant

Enter the Sea area on the world map to drop into a cave, exit to the southwest, then drop down some crates to reach a chamber with two exits to the southwest. You’ll also find a merchant in this chamber who sells new wares:

Item Cost Effect
Mid Mushroom 20 Recovers 80 HP.
Maple Syrup 30 Recovers 40 FP.
Pick Me Up 5 Revives a downed ally.
Cleansing Juice 4 Refreshes status during battle.
Party Cleanse 50 Party is refreshed during battle.
Super Hammer 70 Attack +40. Mario only.
Whomp Glove 72 Attack +40. Mallow only.
Hand Gun 75 Attack +24. Geno only.
Hurly Glove 92 Attack +20. Bowser only.
Sailor Shirt 50 Defense +30, Mg. Defense +15. Mario only.
Sailor Pants 50 Defense +30, Mg. Defense +15. Mallow only.
Sailor Cape 50 Defense +18, Mg. Defense +9. Geno only.
Sailor Dress 50 Defense +30, Mg. Defense +15. Peach only.

Buy what you want, but if you don’t have the scratch, don’t worry - you’ll find an identical merchant later on. If take the northwesternmost exit you’ll find a save point, but this route is otherwise a deadend, so take the southeasternmost of the two exits, instead.

(1 of 2) Hit a chest to score a Star, then quickly defeat a bunch of Zeostar enemies.

Hit a chest to score a Star, then quickly defeat a bunch of Zeostar enemies. (left), Make your way behind up a ledge to reach three chests in the far side of the Save Point room. (right)

Sea - Second Area

On the next screen head southwest along some barricades and note the starfish lying on the ground. These are enemies, and usually a "Zeostar" iconZeostar monster, along with other common enemies in this dungeon, but they don’t move and can be avoided if you just don’t come into contact with them. Better yet, drop off the ledge to the southeast and hit a chest to get a Star, then use your period of invincibility to run through the Zeostars on the ground for some nice, easy Exp. When you’re done marauding, exit to the southwest.

Sea - Third Area

More Zeostars here. Fight or avoid them and work your way southwest then northwest to find two exits. Exit to the northeast and jump up some crates to find yourself on the other side of the save point room, on the other side of a crate wall. Hit the three chests here to score a Mushroom, a Flower, and a Frog Coin, then exit back to the southwest to return to the second Zeostar room. Exit to the southwest again.

(1 of 2) Jump into a whirlpool to reach the sea floor,

Jump into a whirlpool to reach the sea floor, (left), then ascend up some bubbles to reach a ledge with a chest containing a Max Mushroom. (right)

Sea - Fourth Area

You’ll find yourself on a narrow path near some water. Exiting to the southwest will get you closer to your destination, but first, jump into the water and swim southwest to find a whirlpool. If you talked to the villagers in the Seaside Town, one would have told you about whirlpools, and they basically serve to transition Mario from the surface of the water to the sea floor. Swim into the whirlpool to get underwater, then walk northeast and exit to the northwest. In the next screen, go stand in some bubbles to resurface and you’ll appear in a small pool of water back on the previous screen, albeit on a higher ledge you couldn’t reach before. Jump out of the water and hit a chest to score a Max Mushroom.

Drop down to the southwest and exit to the southwest to find yourself outside.

(1 of 2) Exit the caves and jump into a whirlpool,

Exit the caves and jump into a whirlpool, (left), then cross the seafloor to reach the Sunken Ship. (right)

Sea - Fifth Area

Jump into the water and hit a whirlpool to reach the seafloor, where you’ll find some "Blooper" iconBlooper enemies, which you may have encountered alongside Zeostars in the cave earlier. If you hit them, they’ll flee, so make it count. You can also find "Mr. Kipper" iconMr. Kipper enemies here. Avoid the bubble-spewing seashells on the floor and make your way to a boat, which conveniently has a pipe on it. Jump on the pipe and enter it to reach the next major dungeon, the [Sunken Ship].

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