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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Catch Beetles on Booster Hill - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Booster Hill is a most uneventful area after you finish scaling it for the first time. This changes later in the game when a special beetle-catching minigame unlocks in the area. This game is a bit confusing to get started as you will first need to buy a Beetle Cage and then return to the location to play. The guide below goes over how to unlock the Booster Hill minigame and how to get all the beetles on the course.

You can unlock the Booster Hill minigame by visiting the beetle store in Seaside Town.

How to Unlock The Booster Hill Minigame

The Booster Hill minigame won’t unlock until you have defeated Yaridovich and received the fifth star piece. Once this is done, you can go to Seaside Town to the first item shop in the middle of town. Once inside, speak with the Shy Guy to buy a beetle box. This will cost you 150 coins. After you get the beetle cage, head back to Booster Hill, and the minigame will be unlocked. Just like before, barrels are rolling down Booster Hill, only this time there are some beetles you can catch, too.

How to Catch All Beetles on Booster Hill

The Booster Hill minigame has you running up a hill. The catch is that you can only run from side to side and jump. There are also three Shy Guys behind you, trying to catch beetles. You can jump over the barrels and the Shy Guys if they pull ahead of you, or jump on top of them to get further up the track. To catch the Beatles, you will need to use this strategy to gain some ground. This is the only place in the game where you can catch beetles, so be sure to grab all three types. There is a male beetle, a female beetle, and a golden beetle.

The minigame itself is pretty easy. Just jump over the barrels until a beetle appears. Once it does, jump on a Shy Guy or the next barrel to start to catch up with it. Repeat this process until you are under the beetle, and then jump to catch it. If you get hit by a barrel or Shy Guy, then you will be knocked back. This usually means that the Shy Guys can overtake you and possibly take the beetle. To keep this from happening, jump on the Shy Guys if they get ahead of you.

(1 of 3) Buy the Beetle Box for 150 coins.

Once you get closer to the end of the course, you will start seeing red barrels. The more red barrels that come down Booster Hill. As the mini-game goes on, the Shy Guys will also become more aggressive about running up the hill. Just make sure to jump on them to stay in the lead, and you should be able to capture every beetle without a problem. At the end of each run, the game will let you know how many beetles you caught. Keep in mind that the beetles that appear are random, so you will need to run the course multiple times to get a golden beetle.

What Do You Do With Beetles in Super Mario RPG?

The closer you are to ending the minigame. Once you catch the beetles, you will need to return to Seaside Town to get your prize. You will need to go back into the beetle shop. Once there, you can exchange all the beetles you caught for prizes. a female beetle will get you a single coin, a male beetle is worth 50 coins, and a golden beetle will get you a Froggy Coin. You can’t choose to keep any beetles when speaking with the store manager. He will just take your entire inventory and give you the coins that you are owed.

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