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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 22-11-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 28-12-2019 / 11:36 GMT
Version: 1.60 (????) 29-01-2020 / 18:30 GMT

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Guide

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Conch Horn

Tail Cave to Bottle Grotto

Upon completion of the Tail Cave you’ll find yourself back outside of the entrance, from there you’ll want to take a walk back into Mabe Village where you’ll be greeted by the two boys that were playing a game informing you that something has happened to BowWow.

Locating and Rescuing BowWow

Head over to Madame MeowMeow’s house and talk to her and she’ll ask you to locate and collect her beloved BowWow from the nasty kidnappers. To begin your search for the BowWow you’ll need to head into the Mysterious Forest and head out of the east exit into Koholint Prairie, use the now gained jump ability from Roc’s Feather to hop over the holes and collect a Piece of Heart.

After speaking with the two boys head over to this location on the map,and talk to Madam MeowMeow,then head through the Mysterious Forest to Koholint Prairie to find a Piece of Heart in the middle of some holes,after you'be collected the heart jump over the holes to the north to reach Moblin's House.

From where you collected the Piece of Heart hop over the holes again to the north and follow the path around to the Moblin’s House, but before entering continue following the path around and head south through the Tabahl Wasteland and continue down until you reach the Cemetery.

Once you’ve entered the Cemetery head to the southeast part where you’ll find some gravestones, push the bottom right one forward to find a secret staircase, head down it and push the stone to the right which will allow you to jump diagonally to the small platform that will allow you to hop over to another Piece of Heart.

Head down to the Cemetery and push the bottom right Gravestone to reveal a hidden staircase,proceed down into the secret room and push the stone to your right to allow diagonally hop over to the platform,from the platform jump back over and collect the Piece of Heart.

Exit the secret room and head back up to the Moblin’s House and enter it, kill the enemy inside the first room and proceed into the next room where you’ll have a few Moblin’s throwing spears at you. Here you’ll want to keep you Shield up at all times and go in for some swipes with your Sword when you see an opening.

Once you’ve dealt with those enemies, head into the next room where you’ll face the King Moblin. In order to defeat him you’ll need to wait for him to charge at you and hit the wall which will give you an opportunity to get a couple of hits on him, repeat this until he is slain.

Use your Shield to deflect all arrows away from you and kill all the Moblin's and enter the next room to find the King Moblin,in order to defeat the King Moblin you'll need to wait for him to charge towards you and hit the wall,after you've defeated the King Moblin head into the next room and collect BowWow,now head outside and speak with Dampe.

All that’s left to do here is enter the next room and retrieve BowWow, and then exit the Moblin’s House where you’ll be greeted by the Owl. After you’ve listened to what the Owl has to say head over to the sign to the right and speak with Dampe, now head back down through the Cemetery and exit out of the west side.

Finding a path to Bottle Grotto

Now make your way back through the Mysterious Forest and follow the path west until you see another path allowing you to head north towards Goponga Swamp. Head up and enter the Telephone Booth and interact with the phone inside.

Head to this location on the map,and enter the Telephone Booth to find out some information,then head into the swamp and allow BowWow to destroy all the plants which will allow you to open a Chest,with 50 Rupees inside.

Once you’ve listened to Ulrira exit the Telephone Booth and head into the swamp, follow the path around whilst dodging any fish on your way through, you’ll see a Chest with a large flower blocking your path to it, let BowWow defeat it and open the Chest for 50 Rupees. Continue to the end of the Swamp and enter Bottle Grotto.

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