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Color Dungeon

Shane Williams

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to dash from the Pegasus Boots you’ll want to dash into the building to the top left of where the kids are playing in Mabe Village. Continue sprinting forward until you smash into the bookshelf at the back and a book will fall down, collect it and you’ll be given a code that will open your path to the Color Dungeon.

Sprint into the bookshelf to cause a book to fall, inside holds the code to the Color Dungeon.

Head over to the Cemetery and make your way towards the bottom right corner and position the gravestones in the order shown in the picture. If done correctly a staircase will be revealed, proceed down it to take on the Color Dungeon.

Locating the Compass

Once you’ve entered the dungeon interact with the two Skeletons ahead and they will offer you a chance to purchase some Magic Powder, whether you choose to purchase some or not they will move out of the way to let you continue.

After you’ve entered the next room you’ll notice some enemies on different coloured pieces of floor, wait for them to come out of the ground and then quickly attack them.

(1 of 4) Take out the Color Ghosts when they appear above ground then enter the room on the right,

Now that they’ve been dealt with you’ll want to head into the room to your right through the now open door, interact with the Owl for a clue and hit the balls in the following order to get Chest the Compass to spawn.

  • Top left blue ball
  • Bottom Right blue ball

Locating the Stone Beak

After the Compass has been collected, place a bomb against the crumbling wall at the bottom and enter the hidden room to find a bunch of Rupees waiting, now exit and head over to the room on the right and quickly hop across the floor and enter the next room.

(1 of 5) Place a bomb against the crumbing piece of wall and enter the hidden room,

In order to defeat the enemies in this room you’ll need to hit them once to cause them to hide in their shell, then pick them up to place them into the hole with the same color. Once done a Chest will spawn with the Stone Beak inside.

Locating the Nightmare Key

Once the Stone Beak has been acquired head through the door ahead and continue into the next room above that, hit the bottom right ball and then the top left twice to get a Small Key to drop. Head through the door on the right and take out the enemies there, now head up to the room above where you’ll face Giant Buzz Blob.

in order to take it out you’ll need to get close and sprinkle Magic Powder over him to chase him to turn blue allowing you to deal damage. Whilst you’re trying to close the distance you’ll need to keep an eye out for the Lighting attacks that he can do.

(1 of 3) In order to take out the Giant Buzz Blob you'll need to sprinkle it with Magic Powder to turn it blue allowing you to deal damage,

Once you’ve defeated the mini-boss head through the door on the left and move the blocks to free your path to the Chest with the Nightmare Key inside.

Locating the Map to the Color Dungeon

With the Nightmare Key acquired head back to the room with the four balls and continue heading down and until you can’t no more then go into the room on the left and kill the enemies to open the Chest for a Small Key.

Head up through the door and hop across the floor into the next room where you’ll face the Stone Hinox, in order to defeat him you’ll need to dodge the rocks that are falling down and place bombs in front of him, repeat this a few times to kill him.

(1 of 3) Place bombs in front of the Stone Hinox to kill it,

Go through the door on the left and take out all the enemies whilst dodging the red pieces of floor, now head to the top left corner and remove the vase to step on the button which will open the doors.

Continue into the room ahead and kill the enemies and open a Chest with the Map to the Color Dungeon, now go into the room on the right and deal with the enemies to gain a Small Key.

Locating the Fairy

Come back to the room with the two doors and proceed through the left door, inside you’ll see more balls that you’ll need to hit in the following order.

  • Top row middle ball
  • Middle row left ball
  • Bottom row middle ball
  • Middle row right ball

If done correctly the door ahead will open, proceed through and take out all the enemies, hit the Crystal to remove the blocks and head through the door by using the Nightmare Key and enter to face the Hardhat Beetle.

(1 of 2) Dodge the Beetle's fire attacks,

Dodge the Beetle's fire attacks, (left), and keep attacking it until the shell turns red and then give it a few more hits to kill it. (right)

In order to defeat the beetle you’ll need to continue hitting it whilst moving out of the way of its attacks, after you’ve killed it head through the door on the right and speak with the Fairy to gain either a Defense or Offense buff.

For a normal difficulty playthrough you’ll want to pick offense as your buff as defense will be more beneficial for a Master Mode playthrough.


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