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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Color Dungeon to Angler's Tunnel

Shane Williams

Locating Tarin

Once you’ve finished up in Color Dungeon you’ll be teleported back to the spawn, now you’ll need to head towards Yarna Desert. To begin, exit out of the west side of the Cemetery and head down the ladder below, now continue to the right until you stumble across Tarin standing by a tree.

You’ll need to give him the stick you collected earlier and he’ll disturb the bees nest, after he’s gone off running for his life place a bomb against the crumbling wall ahead and go into the hidden room to speak with the Fairy which will restore your health if you’re running a little low.

(1 of 5) Speak with Tarin and give him your stick,

Exit and make your way past the holes on the left and place a bomb against another crumbling piece of wall, enter the cave and take out the Crystals to free your path further into the cave.

Once you’ve entered the room ahead and make your way around the stones and open the Chest to gain 50 Rupees, now go up to another piece of crumbling wall and use a Bomb to open it up, hop over the water inside and collect a Piece of Heart

Discovering Dream Shrine

Exit the cave and make your way back into Mabe Village, go over to the building with two doors at the back and speak with the boy that’s standing beside the building with stones in front of the doorway, remove the stones to enter the room and take a nap on the bed where you’ll be drifted off to the Dream Shrine.

(1 of 5) Head to this location on the map and speak with the boy, remove the block and head in,

Follow the room around to the left and dash all the way over to the opposite side, head up the stairs and open the Chest for 100 Rupees, now dart through to the crystals to the left and take the Ocarina from the stand above.

Head out of the Shrine and chat with Marin about your fancy new toy and she’ll teach you the ways to play Ballad of the Wind Fish perfectly on it.

Make your way to the southwest of the village to find a row of trees, follow it around until you notice one standing by itself, dart into it to find a Secret Seashell, now head to the line of trees to the south of the Seashell Mansion and remove the small plant at the end to uncover a staircase.

Journey to the Animal Village

Head down the stairs and make your way to the other side whilst dodging the sharks, after you’ve exited the out to the other side, make your way down until you reach a point to go right, now head down to the east side of the village where you’ll see a house next to boarded up well, enter it and trade your honeycomb for a Pineapple alongside gaining some information on how to get to Yarna Desert.

(1 of 4) Head to this location on the map and enter the Animal Village,

Before you use the teleporter below, exit the village and head down past the Telephone Booth, then go left around the trees to find an Owl Statue, dig around it to find a Secret Seashell. Now use the teleporter and go back to Mabe Village.

Once you’ve spawned, head down to the beach and continue following it along to the east and speak with Marin to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene has ended, take Marin back to the Teleporter and travel to Animal Village, follow the path around to the Southeast and let Marin sing to the Walrus to free your path into Yarna Desert.

Exploring Yarna Desert

Head north from within the desert and you’ll find a Lanmola, in order to kill it you’ll need to keep to the edge of the swirling sand and attack its head when it comes to the surface for a short period of time.

(1 of 4) Take out the Lanmola in the desert,

Once you’ve killed it fall into the sand pit and collect the Angler Key, now place a bomb onto the crumbling wall ahead and enter the room to find a Piece of Heart. Follow the underground area out to the right and speak with the Owl Statue.

Head down to the southeast and remove the rocks to find a Secret Seashell.

Locating Angler’s Tunnel

Head up to the north of the map and walk up the stairs to Mt. Tamaranch where the Owl will speak with you, climb back down and head right and remove a stone and then climb down another ladder, continue going right and activate the teleporter then insert the key to unlock the Angler’s Tunnel.

Head back up the ladder that you used to get here, then use the next ladder you see to find some stones blocking a cave, remove the stones and head through.

(1 of 3) Head over to the north of the map and place the key in to unlock the tunnel,

Make your way to the right and quickly break the crystal to get off the slowly crumbling floor, push the stone down and head to the right and use the stairs to the next room, now go back into the previous room and position the stones to allow you to get over to the Piece of Heart.

Go back into the room on the right and exit out of the first door below to find a Chest with 50 Rupees inside, go back into the cave and exit out of the next door on the right and drop down, continue right a little to find another cave entrance.

Continue through and use the stairs to head up, speak with the guy and trade the pineapple for a Hibiscus. Drop down to the left and continue going past the cave entrance to the right and until you can drop down again to the entrance to Angler Tunnel.

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