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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Sealed Grounds - The Imprisoned (Round 2)

Vincent Lau

Sealed Grounds

(1 of 2) Play your Goddess Harp near these Blessed Butterflies.

Play your Goddess Harp near these Blessed Butterflies. (left), This will make a Goddess Wall appear near Gorko, surprising him. (right)

Upon arriving, you’ll find a bunch of Bokoblins around the area. Go ahead and slice-‘n’-dice them, then head towards the temples and up the vinery. You’ll soon find Gorko near a group of several Blessed Butterflies.

Heart Piece 14

Speak with Gorko and play the Goddess Harp near the latter to make a Goddess Wall appear. Gorko will then ask you to draw an arrow shape, which causes about 30 Arrows to appear if done properly.

(1 of 2) Charge a Skyward Strike in front of the wall and draw your best arrow shape.

Charge a Skyward Strike in front of the wall and draw your best arrow shape. (left), If the wall spits out arrows, Gorko will be impressed enough to give you this. (right)

Additionally, Gorko will reward you with Heart Piece 14. Afterwards, he will ask you to come back to help him out later, when the power of the Goddess Wall regenerates, as it does for all.

Anyhow, go into the temple nearby.

Sealed Temple

Now that you have the Master Sword, approach the Gate of Time. You’ll be told to hit the Gate with a Skyward Strike. Do so, but then an earthquake or other groundshaking from outside interrupts you.

Already, the Imprisoned has broken its seal. Again, we are to fight it. Save at the nearby Bird Statue and exit the room.

Sealed Grounds (Again)

As you exit to the large pit, you’ll notice the area is spiffed up somewhat and a wooden track has surrounded the uppermost portion of the area. This track is where Groose’s new contraption is located. It is, in essence, a mobile catapult for Bombs!

Anyhow, drop to the bottom of the pit as before and the Imprisoned will emerge from the depths of darkness below.

Boss: The Imprisoned

(1 of 2) Time to face this abomination again!

Time to face this abomination again! (left), Groose will pitch in, but he needs some time to get ready. (right)

Battling the Imprisoned is similar to the first time around. As before, you want to kill it by repeatedly shoving the stone spike into its head three times (nine hits) before it reaches the temple.

You can achieve this by either cutting off the boss’s eight toes from its feet, or by using the whirlwinds or a jump from a higher ledge to reach the boss’s head.

With the latter method, you may be shaken off, but, if not, you have a pretty open shot at the spike. To drive the spike in, use vertical slices appropriate to the situation.

(1 of 2) The foul beast has learnt a new trick: wall climbing.

The foul beast has learnt a new trick: wall climbing. (left), To stop it, hit it with Groose’s bomb or destroy all of its front toes. (right)

However, there is another thing the boss can do other than step on you or use its foot shockwaves (which can be guarded with a shield). It can climb walls. That is partly why Groose’s catapult is here.

Whenever the Imprisoned tries to climb a wall, if possible, press Up and aim to launch a Bomb at it and stun it. You aim with the Wii Remote, use the Control Stick to move along the wooden track, and press A to shoot.

If you ever hit the Imprisoned with a catapulted Bomb, it is stunned. That is where my strategy comes into play.

(1 of 2) For an easy time, follow the Imprisoned from above.

For an easy time, follow the Imprisoned from above. (left), After hitting it with Groose’s bomb, carefully jump on its head and hit the stone spike from there. (right)

Rather than get repeatedly battered by the boss’s feet, go up to a ledge higher than it and stay above its head. Do not yet jump on its head. Wait for Groose to stun it with a Bomb, then jump on the head and do some up-down vertical strikes.

Repeat this process another two times. Note that, after being hit with the spike thrice, the boss will shake you off (when applicable) and then usually do a forward charge. Avoid it and follow it, then repeat.

After defeating the boss, go to the bottom of the pit to find the sealing spike. Hit it with a Skyward Strike, then trace the design. Afterwards, go to the Sealed Temple via the air vents, then inside the aforementioned building.

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