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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Skyloft - Tracking Levias

Vincent Lau


Back home, do some stocking up and/or upgrading at Beedle’s shop and the Bazaar. Do other desired sidequests, as well.

(1 of 2) First, speak to the headmaster in his room, near the top of the stairs.

First, speak to the headmaster in his room, near the top of the stairs. (left), Afterwards, go next door and have a chat with Instructor Owlan. (right)

Once you’re ready to continue, go to the second floor of the Knight Academy and speak with Headmaster Gaepora in his room about the Triforce. It seems that he won’t be much help with this matter.

As you try to leave the room, he does suggest that Owlan may know something about Levias within the Thunderhead. Go speak with Owlan, next door. You then will learn that Levias has recently become possessed by some kind of monster.

(1 of 2) You’ll find numerous targets on the floating rocks.

You’ll find numerous targets on the floating rocks. (left), There are also some carried by the crow-like Guay. (right)

Owlan will agree to instruct you on a new charge, the Spiral Charge, for your Loftwing for use in the upcoming battle with Levias. All you have to do is a normal charge.

You are then to hit 10 of the targets in the sky within two minutes (one per 12 seconds on average). No real strategy here - practice makes perfect, which is the whole point of this required exercise.

Afterwards, you are told to go to the Lumpy Pumpkin because its owner makes a yearly offering (of pumpkin soup) to Levias. Use a platform and start flying.

Head southeast to the Lumpy Pumpkin. If you’ve never been there, it is the island with a massive pumpkin on it functioning as the main and only building.

The Lumpy Pumpkin

(1 of 2) Set a course due east for the Lumpy Pumpkin.

Set a course due east for the Lumpy Pumpkin. (left), Inside, have a chat with the owner by the counter. (right)

Upon arriving, go into the Lumpy Pumpkin. Go to the counter and speak with the owner/cook behind it. He’ll speak of his usually-annual offering of soup to Levias. He cooks up a batch of soup for you to take, which Scrapper then comes to carry around.

Save at the Bird Statue outside, then fly northwest into the Thunderhead.

Inside the Thunderhead

(1 of 2) With Scrapper in tow, head inside the Thunderhead.

With Scrapper in tow, head inside the Thunderhead. (left), Fly towards the small island with the rainbow above it, then land there. (right)

Upon arriving, descend and tilt more northward towards the rainbowed island - you can’t miss it. Also watch it - the birds in the area will try to attack in earnest.

Once you reach the island, dive onto it to quickly meet Levias, who is very obviously possessed by some beast. And so, you are to battle him.

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Long ago, on a dark day, the earth cracked and evil forces rushed out of the fissure. These forces mercilessly attacked the people of the earth, slaughtering them and destroying their land. They did this in search of the ultimate power, a power capable of granting any wishes of its holder. This power, passed down from the gods of old, was guarded by Her Grace, the goddess of the land. The goddess gathered the surviving humans on a piece of earth and sent it skyward, beyond the clouds. With the humans safe, the goddess joined the land dwellers and fought the evil forces in a war of unmatched scale and ferocity. They eventually sealed the evil forces away, restoring peace to the surface. However, the humans remained in Skyloft, as Hylia knew that the seal on the evil would not hold forever.

You are Link, a resident of Skyloft, who, after a strange dream, sets out on a journey to save his beloved home.

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