Gerudo Sanctuary Surface Cave

In-game Description

Located at the "North Gerudo Ruins" iconNorth Gerudo Ruins. There are two entrances–at the north and south. Both are accessible via holes in the ground.

The south entrance is smaller and easier to miss. This path is short and leads to a "Bubbulfrog" iconBubbulfrog.

The north entrance is the main entrance, but the path is blocked until you access the 8th "Gerudo Orb" iconGerudo Orb from "The Mysterious Eighth" iconThe Mysterious Eighth quest.

At the end of this path is The "Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room" iconStatue of the Eighth Heroine Room.

Interactive Map Locations

# Title Screenshot Description Coords
1 Gerudo Sanctuary
Map Link
Marker screenshot

South entrance.

X: 5005
Y: 13776
2 Gerudo Sanctuary
Map Link
Marker screenshot

North entrance.

To open the gate, you need the 8th "Gerudo Orb" iconGerudo Orb from "The Mysterious Eighth" iconThe Mysterious Eighth quest.

X: 5003
Y: 13407

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