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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 09-04-2020 / 13:10 GMT

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

The Bug Off

Bug Catching Contest

...And you're just going to eat it afterwards, right?

The Bug Off is similar to the Fishing Tourney except the aim is to catch any type of bug, regardless of the time of the year. Bugs are ranked according to the rarity of the bug, its size and colour.

Once again you get a prize for beating the current record so be sure to start off with your smaller, most common bugs and hand over the rarer and larger ones afterwards.

The Bug-Off takes place at the following times of the year:

  • Third Saturday in June
  • Third Saturday in July
  • Third Saturday in August
  • Third Saturday in September
  • This page will outline the rarity of different types of insect so you know what to hunt for. Remember that the number of points will be affected by the size and colour of the bug.

    You can tell the size when you first catch the bug; the colour is randomly determined by Nat.

    **Rarity** **Bugs** **Points**
    A (rarest) Golden stag, Horned Hercules 100
    B Birdwing butterfly, Cyclommatus stag, Fruit beetle, Giant petaltail, Giant stag, Goliath beetle, Grasshopper, Horned atlas, Horned elephant, Oak silk moth, Rainbow stag, Scorpion 80 - 99
    C Agrias butterfly, Banded dragonfly, Bee, Centipede, Dung beetle, Emperor butterfly, Horned dynastid, Jewel beetle, Lantern fly, Longhorn beetle, Miyama stag, Mole cricket, Orchid mantis, Peacock butterfly, Raja Brooke butterfly, Saw stag, Tarantula, Tiger beetle 60 - 79
    D Darner dragonfly, Diving beetle, Firefly, Hermit crab, Leaf bug, Mantis, Migratory locust, Spider, Tiger butterfly, Violin beetle, Walking stick 40 - 59
    E Bagworm, Bear cicada, Bell cricket, Common butterfly, Cricket, Evening cicada, Fruit beetle, Honeybee, House centipede, Katydid, Ladybug, Long-headed locust, Monarch butterfly, Pondskater, Red dragonfly, Snail, Stinkbug, Wharf roach, Yellow butterfly 20 - 39
    F (most common) Ant, Flea, Fly, Large brown cicada, Mosquito, Moth, Pill bug, Robust cicada, Mmoth, Walker cicada 0 - 19

    Smash the record and present a bug worth 80 points or more to nab one of these prizes:

  • Beetle Chair
  • Caterpillar Sofa
  • Cicada Stereo
  • Firefly Lamp
  • Honeybee Chest
  • Ladybug Chair
  • Mini Butterfly Table
  • Snail Clock
  • Spiderweb Clock
  • Stag-Beetle Chair
  • Butterfly Wall
  • Ladybug Carpet
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