The following furniture can be purchased from the Nookling’s store in Main Street, obtained from your villagers or by shaking trees in town.

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Saddle Fence Natural Old 2180
Salad Bar None Modern 3000
Sandbag None Sporty 3190
Satellite Hobby, Science Fancy 2600
Sawhorse None Rock 1200
Scale Science Formal 1200
Scarecrow Oriental Fancy 420
School Chair Science Formal 800
School Desk Science Formal 1200
School Speaker Science Traditional 1600
Science Table Science Formal 1900
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Sconce Antique Traditional 1600
Scoreboard None Sporty 2200
Screen Oriental Old 1650
Server Science Modern 3400
Sewing Machine None Safe 1480
Shaved-Ice Maker None Old 1200
Shogi Board Hobby, Oriental Traditional 1200
Shower Science, Stylish Safe 880
Shower Stall Science, Stylish Safe 2200
Simple Armchair Stylish Safe 1800
Simple Kettle None Safe 1200
Simple Love Seat Stylish Safe 2050
Sink Science Old 1960
Skeleton Horror, Science Crazy 3360
Sleek Bed Science, Stylish Safe 1640
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Sleek Chair Science, Stylish Safe 1400
Sleek Clock Science, Stylish Safe 1580
Sleek Closet Science, Stylish Safe 1800
Sleek Dresser Science, Stylish Safe 1600
Sleek Lamp Science, Stylish Safe 1680
Sleek Side Table Science, Stylish Safe 1900
Sleek Sideboard Science, Stylish Safe 1800
Sleek Sofa Science, Stylish Safe 1600
Sleek Stereo Science, Stylish Safe 1680
Sleek Table Science, Stylish Safe 1600
Slide Puzzle Hobby Fancy 800
Small LED Display Hobby, Science Crazy 2500
Small Magazine Rack Stylish Safe 1780
Small Spotlight Stylish Formal 1400
Soda Case None Fancy 1800
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Soda Fountain None Safe 2400
Soft-Serve Lamp Fairytale Traditional 1120
Spa Chair Oriental Safe 600
Space Heater Science Safe 1700
Space Shuttle Hobby, Science Crazy 2780
Space Station Hobby, Science Crazy 2800
Spaceman Sam Hobby, Science Crazy 2800
Speed Bag None Sporty 2990
Sphinx Antique, Horror Old 3200
Spinning Wheel Horror, Natural Old 2200
Sprinkler None Sporty 1640
Stadiometer Science Formal 1680
Stained Glass Fairytale Fancy 1200
Stained-Glass Lamp Antique Gorgeous 2400
Stair Dresser Natural, Oriental Old 2250
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Standing Spotlight Stylish Formal 1800
Star Globe Science Formal 2400
Star Projector Science Modern 2400
Steamroller None Rock 4500
Stepladder None Safe 1200
Stool None Modern 1360
Storage Case None Safe 980
Storefront Natural Old 3680
Stove None Old 1980
Stripe Bathroom Sink Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Bed Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Chair Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Clock Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Closet Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Dresser Stylish Modern 2020
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Stripe Lamp Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Shelf Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Sofa Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe Table Stylish Modern 2020
Stripe TV Stylish Modern 2020
Striped Cone None Rock 800
Stroller Fairytale Fancy 1960
Super Toilet None Safe 1980
Surveillance Camera Science, Stylish Safe 1800
Sword Antique, Hobby, Oriental Traditional 1400
Table Lamp Science Safe 640
Tabletop Game Hobby Rock 2480
Taiko Drum Oriental Traditional 1300
Tall Lantern Horror, Oriental Traditional 1980
Tangerine Chair Natural Fancy 1300
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Tape Deck None Old 700
Tatami Bed Oriental Traditional 2400
Tea Set None Traditional 300
Tea Table Oriental Old 1000
Tea Tansu Natural, Oriental Old 1600
Tea Vase Antique, Oriental Old 2400
Teacher’s Chair Science Formal 1440
Teacher’s Desk Science Formal 1580
Telescope Hobby, Science Sporty 5800
Tennis Table Hobby Sporty 1800
Theremin Science Safe 2000
Tiki Torch Natural Sporty 870
Time Clock Science Modern 1800
Timpano Drum None Safe 2100
Toaster None Traditional 720
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Toilet None Safe 1800
Traffic Cone None Rock 800
Train Set Hobby Fancy 1600
Trash Bin Horror Safe 400
Trash Can Horror Safe 1400
Treadmill Science Sporty 2400
Tree Standee None Fancy 1200
Tricycle None Fancy 1120
Trunk None Old 1000
Trunk Measure Science Formal 1680
Tumbleweed Natural Old 520
Turntable Antique Old 2580
TV Camera Science, Stylish Formal 5600
TV with VCR Science Old 2000
Typewriter None Old 2400
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Upright Piano None Safe 3200
Upright Vacuum Science Modern 1800
Vacuum Cleaner Science Old 1200
Vaulting Horse None Sporty 1200
Ventilation Fan Science Safe 1120
Vibraphone None Modern 1900
Vintage Camera Antique Old 1800
Vintage Telephone Antique Old 1800
Violin None Safe 2200
Vision Tester Science Formal 2280
Volleyball Net None Sporty 1800
Wagon Wheel Natural Old 1230
Wall Fan None Old 1680
Wall Flowerpot Natural Fancy 800
Wall-Mounted Speaker Science, Stylish Rock 1600
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Washbasin Science Crazy 1200
Washbasin Oriental Safe 2880
Washer/Dryer Science Safe 1800
Washing Machine Science Modern 2800
Water Bird Hobby Fancy 1400
Water Cooler Science, Stylish Safe 2200
Watering Trough Natural Old 1100
Watermelon Chair Natural Fancy 1300
Watermelon Table Natural Fancy 1800
Weight Bench None Sporty 3590
Well Horror, Natural Old 2700
Western Fence Natural Old 880
Wet-Road Sign None Rock 850
Wheat Field Natural Safe 380
White Katana Antique, Horror, Oriental Traditional 36800
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
White Pot None Safe 1200
Whiteboard Science Formal 1800
Wide-Screen TV Science Modern 2200
Wobbelina Fairytale, Hobby Fancy 700
Wooden Box None Safe 200
Wooden Stool Natural Old 1000
Writing Chair Science Formal 1000
Writing Desk Science Formal 1900
Yellow Certificate None Traditional 960


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