Matching themes and colours will earn you a lot of points.

Once you’ve moved into your house Lyle will be in Nook’s Homes representing the HHA. Speak to Lyle each day to find out the score the HHA has given your house and seek advice on improving your rating. Note that your basement never affects your score.

You can improve your rating by collecting furniture of the same series as well as matching wallpaper and flooring. You can also collect furniture themes which are made up of decoration items.

Feng Shui can boost your HHA raiting as well as your luck. It involves playing items of furniture in specific position in a room based on their colour. There are three types of luck:

  • Good Bell Luck: placing yellow items against a room's west wall will boost your chances of finding bells
  • Good Item Luck: placing red items against a room's east wall will boost your chances of finding furniture and clothing
  • Good Luck: placing green items against a room's south wall will boost your overall luck
  • There are prizes for being awarded a certain number of points by the HHA:

    **Prize** **HHA Score**
    HHA tee 10000
    HHA pennant 20000
    HHA jacket 30000
    Silver HHA Plaque 50000
    Gold HHA Plaque 70000
    Silver HHA Trophy 90000
    Gold HHA Trophy 100000
    Gold House Model 150000
    Golden Roof 300000
    Golden Exterior 500000
    Arched Golden Door 700000
    Golden Fence 900000
    Golden Mailbox 1100000


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