Jock villagers love sports and bromance.

**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
Pancetti Snooty Pig
Pango Peppy Anteater
Papi Lazy Horse
Pashmina Uchi Goat
Pate Peppy Duck
Patty Peppy Cow
Paula Uchi Bear
Peaches Normal Horse
Peanut Peppy Squirrel
Pecan Snooty Squirrel
Peck Jock Bird
Peewee Cranky Gorilla
Peggy Peppy Pig
Pekoe Normal Bear Cub
Penelope Peppy Mouse
**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
Phil Smug Ostrich
Phoebe Uchi Ostrich
Pierce Jock Eagle
Pietro Smug Sheep
Pinky Peppy Bear
Pippy Peppy Rabbit
Pompom Peppy Duck
Poncho Jock Bear Cub
Poppy Normal Squirrel
Portia Snooty Dog
Prince Lazy Frog
Puck Lazy Penguin
Puddles Peppy Frog
Pudge Lazy Bear Cub
Punchy Lazy Cat
**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
Purrl Snooty Cat
Queenie Snooty Ostrich
Quillson Smug Duck
Rasher Cranky Pig
Renée Uchi Rhino
Rhonda Normal Rhino
Ribbot Jock Frog
Ricky Cranky Squirrel
Rizzo Cranky Mouse
Roald Jock Penguin
Robin Snooty Bird
Rocco Cranky Hippo
Rocket Uchi Gorilla
Rod Jock Mouse
Rodeo Lazy Bull
**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
Rodney Smug Hamster
Rolf Cranky Tiger
Rooney Cranky Kangaroo
Rory Jock Lion
Roscoe Cranky Horse
Rosie Peppy Cat
Rowan Jock Tiger
Ruby Peppy Rabbit
Rudy Jock Cat
Sally Normal Squirrel
Samson Jock Mouse
Savannah Normal Horse
Scoot Jock Duck
Shari Uchi Monkey
Sheldon Jock Squirrel
**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
Shep Smug Dog
Simon Lazy Monkey
Skye Normal Wolf
Sly Jock Alligator
Snake Jock Rabbit
Soleil Snooty Hamster
Sparro Jock Bird
Spork Lazy Pig
Sprinkle Peppy Penguin
Static Cranky Squirrel
Sterling Jock Eagle
Stinky Jock Cat
Stitches Lazy Bear Cub
Sydney Normal Koala
Sylvia Uchi Kangaroo
**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
T-Bone Cranky Bull
Tabby Peppy Cat
Tammi Peppy Monkey
Tammy Uchi Bear Cub
Tangy Peppy Cat
Tank Jock Rhino
Teddy Jock Bear
Tex Smug Penguin
Tia Normal Elephant
Tiffany Snooty Rabbit
Timbra Snooty Sheep
Tipper Snooty Cow
Tom Cranky Cat
Truffles Peppy Pig
Tucker Lazy Elephant
**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
Tutu Peppy Bear
Twiggy Peppy Bird
Velma Snooty Goat
Vesta Normal Sheep
Vic Cranky Bull
Victoria Peppy Horse
Violet Snooty Gorilla
Vladimir Cranky Bear Cub
Walker Lazy Dog
Walt Cranky Kangaroo
Wart Jr. Cranky Frog
Wendy Peppy Sheep
Whitney Snooty Wolf
Willow Snooty Sheep
Winnie Peppy Horse
**Villager** **Personality** **Animal Type**
Wolfgang Cranky Wolf
Yuka Snooty Koala
Zell Smug Deer
Zucker Lazy Octopus


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Animal Crossing: New Leaf sees you crowned mayor as a result of a bit of an accident. When you arrive, Isabelle the town clerk will reveal that you’ve been given the post and from there you can do whatever you please! Use your powers as the mayor to shape the town however you wish, whether this means building bridges, creating public works projects or laying down laws (or ordinances as they are known). With all this freedom, you could soon have the home and town of your dreams!

Version 1.1:

  • How to get the most out of those vital first few days in town.
  • The easiest ways to stuff your coffers with loads of money.
  • Detailed information on every shop in Main Street.
  • Exact dates for every Special Event in the entire game!
  • Complete your encyclopaedia with every Bug and Fish in the game!
  • Where to find every special visitor and what they can offer you.
  • A full furniture list so you can find exactly what you need to build the perfect home.
  • Beautiful screenshots and exclusive HD 3DS tutorial videos with audio commentary!
  • Comprehensive list of furniture, wallpapers and carpets.
  • Comprehensive list of clothes and accessories.
  • Special event pages for the snowman season and Weeding Day.
  • List of all the decorative public work projects and who requests them.

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