Your town is host to a variety of friendly animal residents, each with a distinctive personality. Don’t be shy to speak with them, as you’ll be spending a lot of time together in the same time, being neighbours and all.

At first, you may find your villagers simply speak nothing more than amusing nonsense. However, as you get to know them, you may grow attached to them and their amusing nonsense starts to become endearing nonsense.

Plus the more you chat to your villagers, the more friendly they’ll become and the more likely they’ll give you gifts. So don’t worry, there is a point to you pretending to listen.

During your daily routine, villagers may alert you and then come running up to you, which means they’ve an errand for you to perform or some other news. Similarly, they may throw an errand your way if you choose to speak to them.


A villager may ask you to deliver a present to another villager, for reasons such as they’re embarrassed or just plain lazy. Give the designated villager the present to receive a present for yourself. Sweet!

Lemme buy!

Sometimes a villager may eye an amazing item in your possession and ask to buy it off you for a price (usually a low price, since they’re cheapskates).

Say what!?

Wanna buy?

Conversely, a villager may wish to unload one of their junk for a price. If you refuse to buy, they may lower the price, but not always–they’re not walking charities.

Freebie time!

When it’s your lucky day, a villager will give you an item for free, no strings attached. The world’s gone mad! (Just pray it’s not junk you’re receiving.)

Bury this…

What, an animal corpse? No, the villager wants you to bury a time capsule somewhere in town. Grab your shovel and bury the capsule some place obvious, as you’ll need to recover it one day.

Can I visit?

Take the villager on a full-blown sightseeing tour of your house (just make sure you’ve nothing to hide…). They will either ask to visit now or during a set time (usually at least 1 hour later). You will get a present by post the next day.

Come to mine!

Go visit the villager’s house (a great opportunity to point on all their interior design flaws). They will either ask you to visit now or during a set time (usually at least 1 hour later).

You will get a present by post the next day. Plus you can buy an item from the villager’s house (provided they’re not super attached to the piece).


When you’re rearranging your room or trying out clothes of the other sex (because you’re curious), you might get a knock on the door and a villager will come barging in for a surprise visit.

Yikes! What did they say about waiting for a response BEFORE coming in? Interrogate the villager and you may get a gift for your embarrassment.

Just don't eat it like Chip, okay?

I want this!

The villager wants you to grab a fruit or catch a bug or fish for them. Sometimes they will ask for something very specific, like a Black Bass, while other times they can be vague like “just an ocean fish”.

Present the villager with their desired item to get a present–give them a super rare find (like a Perfect Pear if they ask for a Pear) for a better present.

Let’s play!

A villager will round up two others to create a formidable team of three to play a timed game of hide and seek and, of course, you will be the seeker.

The villagers don’t hide inside buildings or in Main Street, so don’t bother going there. They can however hide behind trees, building or on the beach. Win to get a hard-earned present.


What’s this? One of your villagers wants to leave… This can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you feel for the villager. They will mention the date they’re leaving, then you’re given the option to rein them back in or see them off.

Be warned that if you see them off, they may decide to stay anyway (jerk). If they decide to leave, you still have until the date they’re leaving to convince them to stay.


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