The museum is a great place to store your rare items.

You can donate fish, bugs and paintings to Blathers in the museum so that they may be displayed in the exhibitions.

Fossils can also be donate but you need Blathers to assess (i.e. identify) them before he can accept them. Blathers will never accept duplicates so you can sell your doubles or swap them with friends.

Once you’ve donated one of each item to Blathers, and at least 20 items in total, continue speaking to Blathers on fourteen separate days until he talks about the museum shop.

From this point you can construct the museum shop as a Public Work from the Town Hall.

Once you’ve built the museum shop you can rent out four exhibitions rooms at a price of 10000 bells each. The rooms are eight squares by eight and can be decorated just like your house.

You can even change the sign outside the door and give the room a name. Use the exhibition rooms to show off your cool items to visitors!


Every day there will be an average of three fossils buried in your town. You can find up to six fossils a day if you are lucky.

You can take the fossils to Blathers in the museum so that they can be assessed. You can then donate the fossils to Blathers to be displayed in the museum or sell them at Re-Tail to earn bells.

The following table outlines the possible fossils you can unearth and the dinosaur they will form:

**Dinosaur** **Name** **Value (bells)**
Ankylosaurus Ankylo Skull 3000
Ankylo Tail 2500
Ankylo Torso 3000
Apatosaurus Apato Skull 5000
Apato Tail 4000
Apato Torso 4500
Archelon Archelon Skull 4000
Archelon Torso 3500
Dimetrodon Dimetrodon Skull 5500
Dimetrodon Tail 4500
Dimetrodon Torso 5000
Diplodocus Diplo Chest 4500
Diplo Hip 4000
Diplo Neck 4000
Diplo Skull 5000
Diplo Tail 4500
**Dinosaur** **Name** **Value (bells)**
Ichthyosaur Icthyo Skull 2500
Icthyo Torso 2000
Iguanodon Iguanodon Skull 4000
Iguanodon Tail 3000
Iguanodon Torso 3500
Mammoth Mammoth Skull 3000
Mammoth Torso 2500
Megacerops Megacerops Skull 4500
Megacerops Torso 3500
Megacerops Tail 3000
Pachycephalosaurus Pachy Skull 4000
Pachy Tail 3000
Pachy Torso 3500
Parasaur Parasaur Skull 3500
Parasaur Tail 2500
Parasaur Torso 3500
**Dinosaur** **Name** **Value (bells)**
Pteranodon Ptera Body 4000
Ptera Left Wing 4500
Ptera Right Wing 4500
Ptera Skull 4000
Sabretooth Tiger Sabretooth Skull 2500
Sabretooth Torso 2000
Seismosaur Seismo Chest 4500
Seismo Hip 4000
Seismo Skull 5000
Seismo Tail 4500
Spinosaurus Spinosaurus Skull 3200
Spinosaurus Tail 2500
Spinosaurus Torso 3000
Stegosaur Stego Skull 5000
Stego Tail 4000
Stego Torso 4500
**Dinosaur** **Name** **Value (bells)**
Styracosaurus Styraco Skull 3500
Styraco Tail 2500
Styraco Torso 3000
Triceratops Tricera Skull 5500
Tricera Tail 4500
Tricera Torso 5000
Tyrannosaurus Rex T-Rex Skull 6000
T-Rex Tail 5000
T-Rex Torso 5500
Velociraptor Raptor Skull 3000
Raptor Torso 2500

The following table outlines the possible fossils you can unearth as standalone items:

**Name** **Sell Price**
Amber 1200
Ammonite 1100
Archaeopteryx 1300
Coprolite 1100
Dino Droppings 1100
Dinosaur Egg 1400
Dinosaur Track 1000
Fern Fossil 1000
Peking Man 1100
Shark Tooth 1000
Trilobite 1300


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